Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coffee Table Looks?????

I'm experimenting a little with looks for my coffee table. I'm not sure about this one.....I've been stalking blogland and I've taken several ideas from different places.
                            A simple bowl with twine and finials......the "newest" bunch of flowers.
 My little statues with a coat of white paint......I wasn't sure what to use in the top.....they looked empty without anything at all. I tried Spanish moss......I didn't like that so I topped each one with a Christmas ball. Not perfect but it will do (I want to coat them in cream paint but the weather is NOT cooperating).
 I love the candelabra......and books on the table. I think I'm searching for look and haven't quite mastered it yet.
This is the display I was going to use.......

Which do you like better.....any suggestions?????
Joining Faded Charm for White is Wednesday.....right????
It's been a LOOOOOONG week already!!!!!!


  1. Hello, I like your display of items, the candle holder and books look nice, how about small plant pots with ivy or some ostritch feathers instead of those xmas balls? just an idea...
    The statues are super cute!

  2. Just keep playing until you get it like YOU like it! I work on a space for awhile...leave it alone and then come back to it to see if I STILL like it or if it's not working for me I take a break...It's looking good just have to like it:)
    Your words of support for my *mess* have encouraged me so much...thank you for sharing your heart with me!

  3. Hi Crystal,
    I agree with Rene. Make it like YOU want it although my eye was drawn to the last photo. So spring like. I am sure whatever you come up with will be just lovely.

  4. Two different looks, but I like them both.....go with what YOU like, like the others have said....thanks for the kind words about Somerset....I'm like a proud Mama...:)

  5. With all those neat goodies you have, you will come up with something nice for your table.

  6. Hi Crystal,
    I also like your pink candle display; it looks so pretty with your walls and fresh like spring. I agree with the comments above,just keep playing with it; take something away, add something else. . . work in odd numbers.
    Love your home~
    ~ Julie

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