Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What $5.00 Can Buy

I'm joining Kathleen @http://fadedcharm.blogspot.com!
I hope sprinkled whites are OK for White Wednesday. I found so many great things Saturday. I have been dying to share them but between being gone and......hubby took the car with the camera and extra batteries today! Finally here they are! I found a bedspread, 3 sheer panels, a white plate, a white bowl, a table cloth and napkins. These things were in an old bread bag. Military buttons, a chauffeur badge from 1929, and a coin from Canada it's a half penny from 1844.
All these goodies were surprises out of the bottom of a box. It's so nice to find hidden treasures.

This lovely mirror.

This necklace (also in the bottom of a bag).

I wish you could feel how thick and heavy this is. It's so pretty. It's torn in spots and I peeked inside. It has a really old quilt that's frayed and torn on the inside. What a treasure.

This plate looks so old.

My favorite!! I can't wait to paint it!! I've seen similar frames in antique stores, they are so pricey! Dirt was free!

We brought so much home we had to have help carrying it to the car. We stood in the parking lot and had to repack the car. We had such a great day.....all this for $5.00!! I still can't believe it!!


  1. WOW..5.00, Your getting very good at this thrifting business!!! I need to take some lessons!! LOL!! Check out what I found today.

  2. You made $5.00 go a long way-forget Walmart-see how much cool stuff one can find!

  3. I can't believe you got all that goodness for only $5! You'll have to share how your frame turns out!

    Happy White Wednesday!

  4. What fun stuff you got for almost no money! Have fun with it! Thanks for stopping by! Jacqueline

  5. Wow that is an amazing haul for $5!! You did great! Love that old quilt!

  6. What wonderful finds and you can't beat 5.00 for all those treasures.

  7. Whoa. You got your money's worth and then some. :) I'm drawn to the necklace. I think it'd be an interesting item to repurpose into something else. Great finds!



  8. Those are exactly the kinds of things I just love to find!Those are great buys at only $5!!!

  9. Um, excuse me but I think you have some lovely white finds. My favorite is the quilt and the little white plates. I think I have that mirror, I had gotten it for the shop, it is now painted white.

  10. Wow, you found alot of great and unique things! Like the military buttons and the badge. I know you didn't just find it, but I really love that chandelier!
    Happy WW!

  11. That is amazing, I can't believe some of your finds!
    They are so good, I love the frame and that quilt, oh I love a great old quilt. I would be excited to share these too.

  12. Best $5.00 spent I've seen in a long time!! The frame alone is priceless to me!!

  13. Don't you just love it when you get amazing things inexpensive? My house is furnished in almost all garage sale finds. LOVE IT!!!

  14. WOW! $5.00 for all of your found treasures is amazing! Happy White Wednesday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  15. How fun and what a bargain, don't you just looove when you find such wonderful treasures?!
    Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  16. Wow, I need you to come and go shopping with me!he he
    Thank you for sharing!