Thursday, March 17, 2011


I couldn't find anything really exciting to post about today so I went through the house looking. I have an entire cabinet full of my grandmothers things.......

                                       Aprons!!!!!! I love these and so thankful I have them!!!

There are different styles.....

 and colors......and patterns!!!
 This is an extra I picked up along the way...I think....( I obviously need to write these things down)!!
Can anyone think of a creative way to display them???? I'm at a loss so they were folded and alas went back to the cabinet.....I know sad right?


  1. I enjoyed seeing so many different aprons form your love one. I think it is better to take out our memories once in awhile and share with others. Thank you for sharing some of yours.

  2. I love Vintage Aprons and always use one on those special occasions, there are so many different ones out there to collect! Great collection! Hugs, Diane