Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Shower On A Budget!

I was so excited when an aunt asked me to help with her DIL's baby shower! All that looking at blogs has paid off!! I'm always so inspired by others! I went to Dollar Tree for stickers, scrap booking paper 1/2 off of .59. Leftover foam for the letters...........Items for a banner and tree decor. I also wanted to make faux cupcakes! These are the items for those: foam, curling ribbon, baby carriages, and leftover items from other projects.
I bought tissue paper from Dollar Tree for these roses....thanks Sandy for a wonderful tutorial!

I went outside and cut branches, places them in a vase filled with rocks. I used tulle to wrap around the vase. I cut out squares from the scrap booking paper and hung little clothespins on it!

Here are the cupcakes! Faux cupcakes for table decor....I love the black!

These are the colors in his room....We get a combination shower decor!

All these decorations on a serious budget!!! I hope I remember to take the camera so you can see the finished product in action!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

People Thought I Was Crazy!

Well, people thought I was crazy for buying glitter and foam board from Dollar Tree and although yes, I probably am crazy I did have a plan! I took these items.....1 pack of glitter (2 are pictured), glue, twine (that I had), a piece of foam board, an exacto knife, and a pkg of scrapbooking cut-outs I used as stencils from Wal-Mart I showed in a previous post.

I began by tracing the letters out on the foam board and used the knife to cut them out. Then, I used the glue and spread it all over each letter. Sprinkled the glitter all over.

I took a nail and poked holes through the letters and strung them on the twine. A very easy and simple project! This is how it turned out! I think they're cute! The only thing I would have done differently is paint each letter, the sides and back. That way if the glitter gets chipped it's not noticeable...but you know I had the patience for that!

I knew I would use all that glitter!! The entire project cost me $2.00. A dollar for the board and a dollar for the glitter. I know I can get several more projects out of both so in all actually it probably cost me a few cents!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Talk Dishes!

Let's talk about dishes.
Miscellaneous dishes...... Blue and white dishes.....

A small set of floral dishes.......

My favorite dishes.......

Best of all.....a yard sale where ALL the dishes were .10 cents each! Gotta love a sale where you can buy everything you want!
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Any Suggestions?

Well, my daughter and I were out, she wanted to buy me something (how sweet)! I didn't want her to spend a lot of money so I said I'll find something at Dollar Tree. I found these little dears! I wanted to make them in to tassels. I decided I would paint them and from the last know I have trim.....tee hee! I brought them home and began drilling a hole in the center of the top and I couldn't drill a hole.

I drilled and drilled and drilled and wasn't making any progress! Any suggestions on what I can do?? What kind of drill bit I could use? They would be beautiful....if I could ever get them finished. I really didn't think it would be an ordeal but yes, I should have known better.
Thanks in advance!
Well, ADD has wholeheartedly kicked in today. Today has been the ONLY day all week I've had the time for ME! I'm pretty excited! I'm trying to make up for the last week of "not for me"! But life goes on. I've looked at blogs on and off all day....shhh don't tell hubby he doesn't need to know WHY the house isn't clean.
Well, I bought these pillows (both for $1.00) at a yard sale. Decided I didn't need them after all. Put them in a yard sale (they didn't sell). Then I dug them back out again (imagine that).
I found trim at Hobby Lobby. I wanted it so badly and didn't have anywhere to put it. Normally I just buy and worry about that later but, I was good this one time. But, after giving it a lot or a little thought I decided to buy it for these pillows. I knew I could store it anyway! It was a bargain 8 yards for $11.42. Regular price was $5 & $6 a yard!
Things will look great for fall! I'm excited. Pillows match curtains, curtains match trim!!! You would almost think I had planned it that way....I know that WAS funny! Happy accident. The brown brocade pillow Hobby Lobby for $2.50...score!

So, as I began looking for props for the day I ran upon these pillows. My aunt gave me 4 and they were free. I liked them and used them but they needed to be updated......

Here comes the trim!!! I love this trim on these pillows! I can't wait to finish them or start them....I guess you actually have to begin a project in order to finish it. Aren't they going to look awesome???

Ahhhh this is the project that started it all!! I had this piece of fabric I picked up at a yard sale (yes I do realize it's! I stockpile fabric and trim if it's cheap and I like it....I'm sure you do to. What do you mean I'm the only one???? And that's why my house is always messy???
Moving on......I really like the combination. I can't wait to start on these. Hopefully I'll have 6 custom pillows for the grand total.....are you ready?

4 blue
2 brown fuzzy pillows.....$1.00
Piece of fabric from a yard sale.......$1.00
Bargain trim........$11.42 plus tax
Around $14.00 for 6 pillows!!
Now, I read a blog earlier and I don't remember which one. She said she was piling up projects for winter.....I'll stick with that! It sounds good! If and when I finish you'll be the first to know!!

Outside Planter For Inside!

Here are more finds from Clarence! Don't tell hubby but .....I love Clarence! Well, you can tell him he knows!!! I found these planters guessed it Hobby Lobby! I bought a pair of the large round ones for $4.40 each. The small round one was $3.40. The rectangle one was $2.80. I found them in the garden section. When asked where are you going to put those? My answer .....if I can't find anywhere inside I can put them outside (because that's where they actually belong)! I like this nature inspired planter. I also thought the pair would look great with trees in them for Christmas or topiaries!!!
This small one is going to be so much fun! It can hold a bit of everything!

The same planter with buttons! I think buttons and thread would look adorable. I Haven't had this flower ball displayed......well anywhere ever! I think it compliments the roses on the vase!

Well, that was my experience with Clarence for the day!! Hope you get to meet up with him soon!
Please stop by Cindy's for Show and Tell Friday @

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Friend Clarence

My good buddy Clarence (aka clearance) was good to me last week.
This little beauty was a yard sale find for $1.50. Can't wait to paint it! I'm sure your tired of hearing about Hobby Lobby....sorry! They had another markdown and now things are at 90% off! The garden was marked from 66% to 80% (how exciting)! I won't even look at it unless it's marked waaaay down.
This little beauty was only $4.00.
Another picture for $4.00. These scrolly flowers had regular prices of $59.99 and $44.99. I got both for $12.00. I had to wait for more markdowns and they were still there.....yay me!! They even have little drawers at the cute!

Well, I've been so busy I've not been blogging regularly. I hope things get back to normal soon. I've missed everyone and missed projects (my list is very long at this point). I have lots more "Clarence" to show....stay tuned!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lions and Gorillas and Bears...Oh My!

We surprised Myleigh with a trip to the North Carolina Zoo on Friday evening. The zoo is so big we spent most of the day Saturday too. I love this zoo! It's the largest natural habitat zoo in the country. We saw lions...... Gorillas.......
And polar bears! A great birthday surprise!

It was hot and the elephants needed to cool off. A wonderful weekend!

Here's my baby turning 10 today.....I guess I'll have to let her spread her wings and fly......

Happy Birthday Myleigh!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Project In The Making

So far I have a whopping $1.97 invested in this project. I bought a pkg of couplings. We lease some property above our house for our horses. I was snooping through the old house one day and found this piece of chandelier. It was a rusty gold. Most would trash this.....not me!
I also found this lamp base. I forgot to take before pics....sorry! Just imagine harvest gold and brown!

I'm still working on it but I've always wanted a table top chandelier. Here is the beginning of one! A fresh coat of white spray paint and it tied both pieces together. Both pieces screwed into the coupling. My cost has been nearly nothing so far!

Going to votec last year really paid off. I plan to rewire the entire thing myself (which I'm really excited about). Hopefully it will turn out as well as I have planned!! I see lots of prisms and crystal's in it's future. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Color Change!

I've changed the color on some of the walls anyway!! I still have holes to patch and another gallon of paint to buy so, I'll finish later. These are (some of) the walls before. I liked the pink with the cottage look but, it seemed to clash with some of my new pieces. And after! I really like this color....I think! Usually I either love it or hate it.....this time I haven't really decided. It does seem to compliment the white.
Another before......

And after! I think this color will be a lot more versatile. I do like to change accent colors. A few candles, pillows, and curtains and instant change. That I'm sure I'll like! Maybe I'll experiment and have Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall with little money!!!

Well, still trying to straighten and clean. It's been raining so, projects are limited this week!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Display

I've played with all my new space today!! I'm so excited to have all this room! Everything in the cabinet came from either a thrift store, yard sale, or clearance at Hobby Lobby! Let's just say dirt cheap! I'm not exactly finished either. I couldn't wait to hang these little ornaments up!
My shelf turned upside down....I've already changed this a bit and haven't taken a pic yet. I added tulle and a flower to soften it up a bit!

My favorite part of the cabinet ....the screen on the sides. I love how it adds texture. A bit of old with new.

Well, this is how the cabinet looks today.....although that's up for change at any given second. I haven't looked through any storage areas. Nor have I ventured in the attic to see what treasures await display up there (it's way too hot)! Until next time!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Finished It!!

Whew!!! It took me ALL day!! I feel as though I've been painting forever. I've painted, I've sanded, I've spray painted, and taken a knife and sliced until doors closed!! It has been so much work! It's sure worth all the work now!
This is the before............... And the after!!!
I knew it would look great!! I saw such potential in this piece!
It was missing a handle and luckily I had 2 matching glass knobs to replace them. The paint was given to me by my step mom. Knobs I already had so cost......
Just $40.00 for the entire project!
Well, I'm ready to fill it up!!! Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess What???

Is it Christmas??? It is July....maybe it's actually Christmas in July!!!! I finally have it!!!!
Woo Hoo!
A huge THANK YOU to those who wished me luck......IT WORKED!
I saw this great piece on the side of the road. Yes, outside. It was at a consignment shop left outdoors! My mom and I stopped last Saturday and took a look. The original tag (the white one) said $65.00. A little steep for the work it needed. So, I went my way and thought, and thought, and thought about the poor dear. I drove by her Wednesday and the shop was closed....maybe it wasn't meant to be (although the sale tag on the front made it worse).
Couldn't get it off my mind.....drove back by Thursday. No one again! Now, I'm obsessed. I HAVE to have it! I did leave a note this time with my number (why I wasn't smart enough to do this days before...who knows). So, I waited til 10:30 Friday morning and called hubby at home....."Has she called yet?" No. By this time he's not very happy with me. And it's supposed to rain today!!! Please don't let it get wet.
Well, she called right after I did. Hubby did the right thing and asked "Rock bottom price?" Are you ready for it????
I know I still can't believe it!!!! Hubby went and picked her up for me and she was waiting for me when I got home today......I know how sweet!
She needs a little work. Nothing major....yet!
I can't wait to start the painting process!!! A dreamy white!!! I am soooo excited....other than the fact that my back hurts from heavy lifting! I had to set her up for her before! Hopefully I'll sleep it off tonight and begin on her transformation tomorrow!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frame Before & After

Here are a few extras from going out Saturday.
Wall paper for $1 a roll. I found all these for $1 also. They were Christmas ornaments but I like a little sparkle all year around.
Here is another before of the frame. It looks rather rough & dirty (very dirty....ewwww)!

The after!!! I just love old frames like this! Even though some of the decorative trim was missing who would ever know? It looks great in white!

Well, I found a china cabinet I desperately think I "need" and can't catch up with the lady to buy it! I guess if it's meant to be I'll get it....wish me luck!!!