Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living Green & Pink

Here are more changes in my living room to prove changing out curtains and accessories can make a HUGE difference.
First, green.

                                                         Lots of greenery and spring colors.

                                                          A cottage feel. Bright and airy.

                                 I love this paint by number my grandmother painted and gave to me.

For look #2......think pink!!
What girl doesn't need a little pink every now and again.

                                       A floral print picture in pinks (purchased at a flea mk. for $15)

                                                        Pink curtains and accessories.
             (Curtains were cheap from yard sale....these are the curtains I turned inside out because the fabric was prettier....sometimes it's better to think outside the box).

                                                                       Pink candles.
                           (candle holders were an after Christmas Wal Mart find.....I painted them white)

                          The small picture and box were recent Hobby Lobby finds....80% off!!!

What a difference!!! It's just amazing how changing curtains and a few accessories can change the look and feel of a room!
I'm sharing more looks much stuff do I actually have?????

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Study In White

I wanted to take some of this week and share what changing curtains and a few accessories can do. It takes very little money (thankfully I am a hoarder and created all the looks from this week for free).
                                      Look #1
Here are my white curtains with pink and ruffle trim
(these curtains are actually sheets purchased from Wal-Mart...I just added the floral trim and ruffles).

Lots of cottage elements....floral framed print and plates.
(All purchased from yard sales).


                                                                   More florals and flowers.
                (Everything here besides the lamp were purchases from yard sales or flea markets)

                                               Birds nest was anything free!!!

Look #2
 Here are solid white curtains. Straight panels....(if you'll remember these are the ones I picked up at the bag sale for $1.00....they look so much better after they were ironed).

 A really quick wall make over. Changing one picture and adding a different kind of plate makes a huge difference. All items here (minus the hook and flowers) were also purchased from yard sales.

 A view from the other side. All of the furniture was purchased second hand. Why pay full price when you can buy used and buy twice as much!!!

 I wanted to add several things on the table, to create a large grouping of objects. The flowers were a gift, the container they are in was purchased from a yard sale. The white piece in the back was a clearance find from Hobby Lobby. The picture frames were purchased new and spray painted white.

 I wanted to simplify this grouping to keep from competing with the other table. The mirror was free from a friend. I did buy the feathers new but they were 50% off on sale.

That's if for today. Tune in tomorrow to see more looks with color!!
I'm joining Kathleen @ Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!!

Quick Update II

I'm so glad I've finished more projects!!! Yay!!! This is a box I picked up at a yard sale for nearly nothing.

                                                It included a bow, a tag, and tissue paper.

 I printed out graphics from The Graphics Fairy cut them out and glued them on with regular white glue.

I really like the way it turned out.

                                                                   So bright and fresh.

 I picked a couple of these up from a friend of mine. I bought one for a $1.00 and she gave me the other.
I thought they had so much potential.

           First a chalkboard. This sticker came from the Dollar Tree, and I added leftover paper.
                                My youngest has claimed this one...thankfully I have a spare!!!

 Next is a Victorian look. This was created from leftover wallpaper border and scrapbook paper.

A welcome sign for an entry way, the front porch.

I think these have so many possibilities. Thankfully they have a slot in the top and I can change colors, styles, and especially for the holidays!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Update

Hope you're having a great Monday. I did manage to finish up a project. Mark one more off the list. This is a handbag I picked up at a bag sale so cost was near nothing. I made the embellishment from leftovers of other projects.

 Here is the after. I made three large ruffles, gathered them, and used hot glue to attach them. I wanted the edges to fray to give it a more casual, messy look. I cut the first strip smaller and gathered it in the center to top it off. I may add a small piece of ribbon to cover my thread and add a little more color. I haven't decided yet.

                                                                  A look at the back.

At least I managed to get SOMETHING accomplished today!!! Time for a quick nap....giggle!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


I've been looking through back issues of Country Living Magazine. My mom inherited 4 boxes of them!!!
I wanted to share some of the wonderful rooms I've discovered.
Isn't this one amazing? A chandy, columns, and iron elements!!!

I love the simple elegance of this room.
It's so beautiful but, even if I had would have lots more stuff!!!

I'm loving the pink. Makes me want pink everywhere!!!

Again a chandy and columns!!! I'm loving the lavish linens paired with the rusticity of the ceiling and walls!!!

                               Well, that's it for today....wanted to post more but, I'm having loading issues.
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slim Pickins

Sales were few and far between last weekend. Needless to say I was very disappointed but, seeming hubby and myself were out for Father's Day/ His Birthday I guess all in all not too bad. I hope he enjoys our finds....giggle!!! I found this lamp at an antique mall for $5.00. It even came with the bird poo covered shade....yuck!! Why wouldn't you at least clean it up...c'mon people...really? Anyway I have yet to bleach it and I'm going to recover it with what? I'm not sure yet. As I looked at the lamp I realized it was much older than I thought and metal instead of resin.

 Next at the same antique mall I found these flowers. I've had my eye on them for a while now. They are as tall as my lamp (although it's difficult to tell in the pic). They are in a mesh cone which is very cottage looking. I'm very happy with my $7.00 purchase. I'm thinking of a bird's nest and some honeysuckle vine to finish it off.

 And last is another new handbag. It's a Burberry bag and will be adorable to carry this winter with a sweater. It was $3.00.

Thankfully the day wasn't a total bust. I did manage to swing by Hobby Lobby and find a few more goodies at 80% off. Let's just say I went a little crazy in made up for the lack of sales for the day!!!
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maybe The Tag Really Did Mean Dry Clean Only

Sometimes we don't follow rules. It's just a fact of life where crafting and decorating are concerned. If we always followed the rules we would never be different or unique. On the other hand sometimes rules are there for a reason....hmmm,.....imagine that. I found these panels at a bag sale and had to have them. Two huge panels!!! Enough to go across my entire picture window in my living room. I was able to purchase these for $1.00!!! Lined white drapes for a buck!!! Score!!!

The only problem was they were a little dingy. I did check the tag and it said "Dry Clean Only". I wonder why? What could it hurt? They were only a dollar...would it be the end of the world? No. Well, it obviously said it for a reason....look how they've drawn up!!! Yikes!!! (oh my, I did just use the word yikes)
I guess you live and learn. Maybe this will be an opportunity to sew something across the bottom.

I also wanted to share a project I've been working on. This is a cabinet behind my bathroom door. It's been here since I was a little girl. I did add the shelves over top but I'm in desperate need of storage. So I arranged, and rearranged and nothing worked (insert lots of frustration here).

I remembered seeing a set of shelves in a shop belonging to a friend of mine (please excuse the messy background). I decided to buy the shelves for $15.00 and make them work. So, I brought them home, in listed hubby to help (thankfully no vein that day....tee hee hee), cut them off to fit the cabinet exactly, and put them all back together again.

I found this piece at a yard sale for $1.00 which I knew would be the perfect size.

I found and old board and added a couple of other architectural pieces to the ends.

I have crown moulding to add to the top and need to paint everything out. But, girls came home and I had to move all of the furniture back into place for right now.
Total cost for the project....$16.00

 I think I love it!!! I love all of the extra display space.

Now where can I use more shelves?
Joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder WHY?

Do you ever begin a project and wonder why? Why did I EVER think this was a good idea?
What was I thinking?
Well, with all of my spare time last week I began this project.
Why? I don't know....boredom? Stupidity?....(that's more like it....ha ha!!!)
Anyway, this is my lovely bathroom floor.....(I do clean the floors but had just moved a cabinet out).
1970's flooring. It's been on the floor since it was built.
 What makes it's a combination of different floor tiles. The lovely 1970's yellowish with peel and stick brick look tiles!!! Isn't it lovely?
My bright idea was to peel all of the tile up because there are hard wood underneath (I did check).
 So with heat gun in hand I started peeling up tile and this is what I found. Even better than tile.....tar backing from the tile. Impressive huh?
So off to the store for a chemical. I bought a can and brought it home....I actually read directions and followed them (yes, I guess there is a first time for everything). It didn't work!!! I was so upset.
So I used a putty knife to peel things up piece by piece used the gun, melted the tar, listened to the fire alarm go off, and scraped, scraped, and scraped some more.....yuck!!!! It's horrible. After leaving a damp mop on the floor overnight (by mistake) I figured out plain ol water does the trick. Who knew?
 After all this work this small piece of floor is my's what I've been looking forward to......except....
 After looking at the dark floors I'm not sure the small space can handle a dark floor. I don't like it!!! I want it light and airy to freshen up the space. Uhgggg!!!! Why can't I figure these things out BEFORE I spend a week working on floors.
I guess you live and learn.
I'm off to wet and scrape more floors....hopefully I'll see you soon!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If You Can Finish This Post

Hmm, today's post.....I'll begin with the weekend. NOT GOOD. Coming from a family of's natural to replace things on your own cars. Mine needed the brakes changed (Do things go smooth when hubby works on things?.....NEVER). It's funny though.....when my hubby gets aggravated there is a vein that literally pops out on his forehead. (I would have taken a picture but, Even I am not that brave). The little daughter and I witnessed the "vein" all weekend. Let's just say not too pleasant. 
I did find a yard sale while my mom and myself were one our way to the store (you were right LV...didn't last very long)!!!!! These yard sale finds shouldn't really count because I didn't go "yard saleing" on was an accident.

 I picked up all of these finds on a table after she told me EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE was $.25.

 So, with the $5.00 coupon in hand to take to the store I only really saved $4.25 with my extra purchases!!!
                                                                        Only me!!!!

 On to yard sale finds from 2 weeks ago. I forgot to post these!!!! Monday wasn't any better. BOTH my girls are gone w/grandparents this week!!! Not only that.....husband has had to work extra long hrs. Dream for some.....NOT FOR ME!!!! It has been horrible. I threatened to latch on to my 10yr olds leg and beg her not to go....(although thinking it was a great plan...I didn't)!!!
(By the way entire set of curtains....$.50)

 My family should REALLY know better than to leave me alone for that long. I've not changed major furniture around in the house for going on 2yrs now (due to the fact I was in school and too busy)......but this week......
Not good!!! I moved.....moved furniture again.....moved a third time......gotten aggravated because my vision didn't work out the way I had planned....and refused to move it back.
(Cute bag....came in a bag at a $5.00 bag sale...perfect to take to yard sales)

 So, yes I have furniture in the middle of my living room....a path through the house.....for NOTHING!!! I guess I'm going to go buy a shelf (just so happens I have one in mind already) but, until then....I will leave the path of destruction alone.
(another bag sale find)

 I've been in one of my moods this week. So I'm going to eat and drink my sorrows away.....(No not that!!!!)

A Mountain Dew and finish my Snickers......What Were You Thinking?....tee hee hee
Oh by the way for those of you who actually finished this really are true friends and I love you and thank you for it!!!
If you get bored...I'm here....
All week.....
 Have a great Tuesday!