Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What to do?

My dear friend Lena gave me this lamp! She came from Italy many years ago and this lamp was a gift to her from a friend. She's getting older and gave this lamp to me. It's such a treasure! She told me the lamp shade came along later. She said I could change the shade but I like it. I removed the trim and wanted to replace it. The only problem is......when ripping the trim off....this is what happened......
I thought I may want to take some vintage sheets of music and cover the shade but, on the other hand I do like the shade. I still want to use the trim but, I'm just at a loss as what to do.

I need to cover the spots where the paper is missing. Any suggestions on how to fix my problem????

Monday, August 30, 2010


Oh my goodness!!! I've not been on here in soooo long I just don't know how to act....lol!!!! I've been so busy!! School has began for the girls and myself! I hope to take pics this year of our progress.....it would be so much fun to document the progress of our house (at school)!

Well, enough of that.....on to the fun!!! I was at the flea market a couple of Saturday's ago and ran upon a stack of frames!!! Needless to say I was sooooo excited....until I asked the prices! You KNOW I refuse to pay a lot for frames. Normally I pay between $1.00 to $4.00 for a large wooden frame. Well, this lady wanted $10.00 each! I was so upset! I did find one I fell head over heels in love with. So, I asked if she would take less??? PLEASE....TAKE LESS....(I was begging in my head)...lol! She came down to $8.00. Not great but better. I had just enough $ to buy 2!!! They are real wood on the back......... Ta Dah!!! Here's the front!!! First, I wish it wasn't upside down....lol! But, this picture just doesn't do it justice! It's such a wide frame......imagine how beautiful it's going to be in white....yay!!!!

Here is frame #2! (Disclaimer: For anyone I'm about to offend....sorry...it's not my intention.) I'm not really sure why someone thought it would be a good idea to place plastic flowers in a frame????? Really???? But, I guess to each his own!!! Can't wait to rip, and tear all of someones hard work out, paint the frame and place a lovely print inside!!!!

Well, that sums up all of the excitement since I've been gone (I know it's sad)!! I'm looking forward to decorating for fall....except I have to clean the house first!!!! Hoping to hit the Hillsville,VA flea market this weekend (fingers crossed)! I'm sure if I go I'll have lots of goodies to share!!! Just so you know I've missed everyone!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Dot Our I's

I found these at Michael's. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. A quick trip to Family Dollar solved my problem. I found some pictures I absolutely loved (I didn't take pics in the store)! They were bath pictures that had rhinestones. They really made the pictures! I know it's hard to tell, but I added gold here and there. I dotted all the I's!

I added some bling to these chandeliers.

Here is a close up. You can see a little better in this pic.

Dotted another I. I also added a few in the swirlies!

Well, these are not the best pics in the world, I know! I just love this idea to add a little something special to really inexpensive pictures! The light catches them on occasion and they're like little diamonds! I like shiny!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm A Tree Hugger!

I get a call last Saturday from my mom. She had been out yard saleing and said she had bought me something. I was excited...who doesn't get excited about gifts?? I hop in the car and go to her house. She had found lots of goodies....which she needs to start posting. She takes me out to her Jeep and she pulls this out! She bought me this one to replace the one that got broken!!! How sweet....thanks mom!! It was really nice but, I thought that was it. She looks at me and says "Are you ready?". Hmmm, I thought this was it! She opens the back of her Jeep and my eyes light up!!! It's a pink Christmas Tree!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! It had this price tag on it....something I would never pay that much for!

Let's just say I was SO excited I jumped up and down. A 6 foot pink Christmas tree with lights (that work)!

I even pulled a piece of the tree out and hugged it!!! I can't believe she found this tree and for $3.00! What were those people thinking? I'm so happy with my new tree...I know it's hard to tell......I can't wait for Christmas decor!!!

What Can $1.00 Do?

What CAN $1.00 do? Let's find out what $1.00 has done for me!!!
A $1.00 frame (glass included) turned this print from yeah, it's pretty to Wow! A $1.00 can of paint turned this from black to......

A $1.00 (wire basket) hid all this mess from projects to come later.....

Who would guess I could hide THAT much stuff back there!

A $1.00 turned these sheers from BORING....

to feminine and pretty!

Wow, if $1.00 can do all this imagine what $10.00 could do!

What has $1.00 done for you?
Joining the party at Cindy's Show & Tell!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Just The Greatest Lamp EVER!

I had one of those happy/sad days on Saturday. We were on our way to meet my dad and step mom at Olive Garden for daughters birthday lunch. I love, love, love Olive Garden but, I also love yard sales! Leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good day by staring out the car window like I'd lost my best friend! Yard sale after yard sale I couldn't stop at.....who needs prison....that was torture!!! lol Well, we had lunch .....which was wonderful....it made me feel better .....briefly. So we decided to come back home. Most of the yard sales were either complete busts or had packed up for the day. I did get my scissors (which I shared earlier). We were on a small stretch of road and passed a sale and I saw this sitting on a table. As I'm turning around in the seat to get a better look.....lol.....hubby says do you want to go back.....YES! So we turn and go back. I casually asked how much, I had already scoped out their prices and they weren't bad. After lots of chatting.....$10.00. Is it worth $10 probably but I was not about to spend that much. He eventually said gimme a $1!!! I practically ran to the car to grab the money. She was very spotted and good ol' vinegar cleaned it up nicely! I can't believe it worked! I didn't have enough prisms so I improvised with a couple of different types of glass beads!!

Isn't she a beauty??? Unfortunately I passed up the perfect shade yard saleing last week (that's what happens when I try to be good)!

I'll be on the lookout for the perfect shade now! Not to mention feeling a little guilty for not giving him more for the lamp.....he did tell me he got it for free.....that should help....right?

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?

I'm wondering why no one told me the key to a great white space is texture? If you don't add texture to a white space it's sooo sterile...Dr.'s Office....Hospital....sterile! I had tried all white in the past and just couldn't figure it out....so back to color! But now....the student has figured it out through blogging....texture!! I wanted to share a few pics of texture......surely there are others out there....somewhere who didn't know!
I love these feathers....they're so soft, and sat in a corner for a while....long time.......until I figured out that just plopping them in a pitcher was enough....texture! Painted wood, and layered sheers.....texture.
Ceramic, and chippy wood.....texture.

Glass, fabric, beads, and metal......all texture that make a room work.

Whew, now that it took me 10 yrs to figure that one out what's lesson #2?
By the way, come back tomorrow and I'll give you the scoop on this awesome lamp!!!!!

Please join Kathleen for another inspiring White Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Wire Basket & What Is It?

I've been really behind on showing yard sale/ flea market finds. I think I've just been having one of those blah kind of weeks. Ya know, one of the mommy/wife weeks when you clean, wash clothes, cook dinner....and that's all your good for. Not to mention no one appreciates you. School will start next week and not only am I not ready, the kids aren't either. Poor me!!! lol. I'll get over myself soon! I do want to share this awesome wire basket and play a game of what on earth is it!!!
First this wire basket. I love this basket. I can just envision books, glass bottles, even napkins and linens would look great in this basket....if it doesn't end up in the attic...tee hee! It will have a home someday after all it was only a $1. But this! This I'm having issues with. I went to a yard sale and saw all this pink fluffy goodness! I picked it up and asked how much...trying to show my poker face, you know....and the guy said "Aww just take it". I replied "No I'll pay you for it." He said "No, just take it". Well O K thanks!!
I was so excited to get a freebie! But then, I got her home and began to look at it.....what on earth is this thing? I thought in the beginning it was just pink gauzy fabric. But it has this white mesh with zig zags on it....?????. I mean, why? I brought it in and unfolded it. It has these rings going down 2 sides. Hmmmm......?????

I thought it was a canopy....but if you hang it there are no flaps to get in or out. It just looks like a tent with no doors. Again....??????

Maybe someone has one and can tell me what it's for. Or just give me a suggestion on what it is? I'll use it anyway....it's pink. I still don't care for those white zig zags either. I think I just need to know what it is before I tear it apart! lol. The way my mind works sometimes....lol! Have a great day!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Sweet 16!

Happy sweet 16 to my oldest daughter! She's growing up so fast......she can go from prom dresses, make up, and hair .........
to...... taking her new puppy in the woods for the first time......

hanging out with her nephew at her b-day party........

horseback riding with her friend.

My beautiful daughter with all her many hats. She's beautiful on the outside but so much more for her kindness, patience, and most of all a good christian girl! Thanks for being a great daughter!!!

Scissors & Projects

I did get to stop by a yard sale this weekend. I spotted these scissors, picked them up, counted them (16) then put them back. I was thinking a dollar each wouldn't be bad but $16.00 at a yard sale....no thank you. I walked off then came back. I asked how much? She replied $10 not bad but not great either. I said will you take $8.00? She said sure and they were mine! Great for all the paper projects I have on "THE LIST". Now, some before & afters. This is an old glass jar I found in my pappy's garage....he was a mechanic by trade......I think it was some sort of paint sprayer.

It was impossible to take the lid off and clean it. I don't really mind....vintage. I used a print from the "Graphics Fairy". I printed it out and just used a white Elmer's school glue to adhere it to the bottle.

Here is another bottle. I've had it forever and it was headed to the yard sale/donate pile.

I changed my mind and here she is!
I love this print!!! It came from my new book. I also used the white glue on this project as well. I added a black ribbon and sewed a button in the center for some extra bling!

I filled this bottle with white buttons....also from a yard sale!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Find Of The Year!

Each year you find the one thing! The one thing you just don't know how you lived without! The best deal you've ever found. The one thing you just feel excited about, months or possible years after your purchase! I have "this thing". Bought it yesterday and I'm so excited!
I bought this yesterday......and no this is not it! Although I've wanted one for quite sometime, and it was a semi-great bargain a $10.00. I really like and possibly love it, it needs painted, and I know I can use it anywhere.....bathroom...for toiletries, kitchen, dining room, even outside....it may be in ALL those rooms before it's over. But, this!! This is the find of the year!! I've looked at it I know 6 or 7 times already! I was at a yard sale and saw a box. I saw something that caught my eye....it was a glass pumpkin. I picked up the pumpkin and noticed some books. I went digging through this box of junk....through books...looking for craft related books.....and there it was!!! This is what I saw........
Didn't look all that interesting until I opened it up..........

It was as if a ray of light was shining down on this book.

I dug through the box and this was the only book I wanted....my mom asked me "do you want me to hold it?" I said No I've got it!!! A little....maybe a Lot overprotective of my book!

Best part.....I asked how much for the pumpkin.....it was $1.00. Holding my breath.....how much for the greatest book I've ever seen? The one I can't live without? How much? How much? I need to know? OK, none of that actually came out of my mouth! Those were just the voices in my head....lol. When I asked how much can you believe it was .......are you ready???? A $1.00!!! It even came with a disc for the PC!!! I hope to figure out how to use the disc and frequent the copy store!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Let's see, where HAVEN'T I been would be more like it! I can't believe I've been so busy. Normally I would be thrilled to be this busy but I need a break!
I'll go down the list.....Baby shower (forgot the camera......sorry).....check.
Vacation Bible School.......check.
Putting siding on my mom's house (by myself).....not there yet working on it.
Trying to keep up with oldest daughter's puppy....working on that one!
I can't find youngest daughter's camera to take any new pics.....grrrrr!
We have no clean clothes....seems as though you have to be home to actually do laundry...who knew!
As you can see things are rather chaotic....well more so than usual. I did find a couple of pics to share. I love these Christmas ornaments. They're missing strings so they've been re purposed to decorative orbs..... they sound so much more important now! By the way I have my eye on some real orbs at Family Dollar....can't wait for them to go on clearance! On the way to pick up the new puppy stopped at an antique store and found this bridal veil. I love the detail on it....bargain at $5.00! I was proud of myself and so was youngest daughter...she tried to make me try it on in the store.....lol!
Well, you may see me tomorrow or not! It hard to tell what tomorrow will bring! I've missed everyone!!!!