Monday, January 31, 2011

Before & After & After

This is my lamp. I've posted about this lamp before. It was a gift from a dear, sweet friend. She told me the shade was not original to the lamp (which I took to mean I had permission to change it). The shape and size were perfect for the lamp. Which brings me to after #1. I did attempt to change the shade. I liked the pattern on the shade but even after I had finished with it....I wasn't really happy with it. Better, but not there yet. Something was not right!
Which brings me to After #2. Much better. I did have issues with this project. I purchased scrap booking paper from Hobby Lobby. I brought it home and wanted to just glue it straight to the shade. Well, it didn't exactly work. The shade is not exactly round. Which left me with a cone shape. I did have to sit and think about what I was going to do!!!

I finally figured out I could cut strips of paper and layer one on top of the other! I think it worked out really well. The paper matches the base perfectly!!! An updated version of an antique lamp for 59cents. Not bad!!! The scrap booking papers were 1/2 off and I used white glue to attach the strips!!!!

Not a bad project....the second time around!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspired By.....Love

I've been so inspired by others I decided to make a banner. I think I will be able to keep it out all year round. I used .....a pizza box, leftover burlap, an old songbook, Dollar Tree glitter, and a piece of ribbon from a blanket we purchased (I never throw ribbon away)!
I took a stencil and traced out my letters onto cardboard. Cut them out then glued the pieces of music to the letter with regular white glue. As you can see, I just cut out the burlap in a random banner shape. Before I forget I did run a stream of hot glue around the edges of the burlap to make sure it didn't unravel and further.

I cut a page in half to make this. I had to use 3 strips then fan folded them. I cut out a circle of black construction paper, coated it in glue and glittered it. I topped it off by hot gluing an old earring to the center.

I took hot glue and glued the letters to the burlap, the burlap to the ribbon, and the rosettes to the ribbon.

The finished product!!!

Not bad for a project of found items around the house!!! It was free!

Free,Quick,Easy....Wall Art

What can you possibly do with all these things???? I'm so glad you asked!!! The painting w/ frame were free from a friend. I have never been a fan of this frame and painting together....they just don't go!! The burlap was also free in a pile of yard sale items. It was a hidden treasure. The pizza box...trash rescue! The print was the only thing I spent money on and I went to Staples and printed it out of a book I was $1.00! I cut the pizza box to size and wrapped the burlap around the cardboard. As you can see all I had was masking tape.....but, it works!!!!
Here is the finished product!!!! Practically a free project! I'll add some glass later. I took the masking tape and taped the print in the center!!!

Have a great Saturday!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen in Chocolate

This is where my kitchen re-do began. I found this hand towel at Dollar General for $1.oo. The towel led to to this display. I had purchased the valance at a thrift store bag sale. The chandeliers were already there and I added the wooden plaques. I love the way this looks.....if only I could make the rest of the kitchen look like this!!!!

Here is the mantle. I tried to use chocolate browns and vintage items. It's still missing a little something but, by the time I figure out what it is......I'll change colors again.

My washer and dryer are in my kitchen so, I tried to fix the corner up a bit. I do like the old drawer hanging on the wall with vintage linens.....I think I'll keep this all year round.

I purchased these holders years ago and just never had the opporunity to use them. I also picked up this chocolate bed sheet at a bag sale.

I'm still working on everything else!!!!

White Flowers & Sweater Re-Do

Here is yet another flower!!! I love the white!! I think I'm going to make lots of these....for clothes, pillows, and hair!!! This is a yard sale/thrift store sweater. I really liked but it just seemed to be missing something.

This is the after!!! I've had this sweater for months and had never worn it. I was able to wear it with a yellow shirt and had a brand new outfit!!!!

The cost free....I used items I already had around the house!

Be Creative!!!

Since my husband has been out of work for the past year and a half let's just say extra money is a thing of the past!!!! Without extra, projects are few and far between and maybe the old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" is true!!! My oldest daughter has her junior prom to attend this year and this it the dress she wanted!!!! It's a beautiful gown and had a wonderful price of around $500 or more!!!! Bah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! OK, sometimes I laugh before thinking.......let's just say not going to happen.....EVER!!!!

So, the creative juices started flowing and I grabbed an old dress from her 8th grade year. Hmmmm, I shoved the pink tutu under the existing dress........interesting.

I added a flower too.......Well, this is not the finished project because.....well, this is pink and she wants black. I do have a solution, she also owns a black and white dress (from her 7th grade's just on loan to a niece). Now you have to use A LOT of imagination here.....but I'm sure I can take black and white tulle, layer it, then attach it to the existing dress!!!! I thought I could add a huge flower in black and white with feathers...of course (bigger is better it's prom)!!!
I can also make one for her hair so everything will look custom!!! It will be a one of a kind. So, what do you think???
I need all the advise I can get!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flowers, Flowers, and Yes, More Flowers!!!!

I am so glad to have something to do!!!!!! I love making these felt flowers! I've used misc. objects for the centers. One is a button, one an earring, and then flowers.
The colors look completely off in the picture, but what a great way to add pop to an ordinary sweater!

I thought about adding them to handbags too!!!!

And yes tomorrow's guessed it flowers!!!!!

Cute Little Tutu!!!

I saw a blog months ago and promised a friend I would make one for her. I don't remember exactly where I saw the tutorial but it was soooo easy!

I have been snowed in with NO PROJECTS!!! That is bad news for me and my family!!! I happened upon !!!! She has wonderful tutorials on flowers and bows!!! I have been sooooo excited!

This is the bow!!! Not bad for my first time!!!

This is the cute little tutu!!! It's all on a ribbon which ties in the back. I added a matching flower on the front to add more color!!!

I'm wishing my girls were babies again to try it on. I made it for a friends photography studio....can't wait to see all the cute baby pics!!!!