Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing With Paper

I spent ALL day yesterday in bed. Because I was My daughter was. I felt so bad for her. But, because she didn't want me to get up (too much) I sat in bed and played with paper. I used burlap and scrap booking paper on these. Hot glue was my friend!!! So after wrapping and gluing I tied a bow and glued a button. Not bad for a few minute project!! These also were "bed" projects. I cut strips for the one on the left, fan folded them, used stick glue to attach them together. After finishing I had a rosette and hot glued a button in the center.

For the next one I cut out squares....several squares. I glued each one together then hot glued them in a circle. I hid the middle with another button and then glued a stamped image on to the button.

I'm thinking at least I did SOMETHING yesterday!!! Don't forget to leave a comment if you wanted entered in the giveaway!!!! If you want a peek at what I'm giving check here ......


  1. You do a remarkable job with paper products. It amazes me what you create from just paper.

  2. This is so cool. I so wanna learn how to do this. Thanks for vistiting my blog, and commenting. I love gettting comments. Have a great day..............Bonnie

  3. Your sick bed projects are wonderful! I love how you wrapped the candles...simple and pretty.
    Hope your daughter feels better today.

  4. Those came out lovely. I've had a sick little one too. Lots of down time.

  5. Hi Crystal, these paper lovelies are beautiful! I am a paper artist mostly, but love to decorate and remodel. Thanks so much for paying me a visit!