Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Treasures

Here are the BUDGET finds I found over the weekend.....
I'm not sure what this is......I liked it.....and I'm thinking I could use little clothespins and pin old black and whites to it with keys, ribbons, and things. I also thought it would be a cute display for earrings......all after it's painted of course. But, for .49 at the Salvation Army....it can be anything...or nothing!!! I couldn't pass up this mirror for $2.99!!! No, I don't need a mirror but $2.99!!!! This will get a fresh coat of paint too.....when I find someplace besides the attic to put it!!!

I found these too!!! I have big plans!!! One was .99 and the other was .49. I thought I could live without them and went back and snatched them up!!!!

Not to mention when I got to the register he looked at the price and said "someone priced them differently" so I paid .49 each!!!! Yay!!! I think they will begin life in my daughter's bedroom. Also Salvation Army finds.

And these!!!! Do you ever pass something by and wonder why you did??? You sit and think about it for a week wondering if it's still there? You honestly kick yourself for a WHOLE week wondering what on earth were you thinking? Well....I did that!!! I found these babies at Goodwill!! They were $2.50 each (in my defense that was the day I went crazy in Hobby Lobby and I had to draw the line....somewhere)!!!!

I went back to Goodwill (and tried not to run) to the back of the store. Initially I didn't see them (and was heartbroken) but, there they were pushed to the very back of the shelf....whewwwww!!! But, aren't they adorable.....waiting for paint!!! Where will I put them you ask???? Hmmm, up in the attic maybe!!!! I fretted for these for a week and probably won't put them out (which isn't the point at all). At least I'll HAVE them if I need them!!!! Hmmm, thought for a moment I had a problem.....nah, I didn't think so!!!! One day I'll have the prettiest crawl space in an attic anyone has ever seen!!!!


  1. All of these are great buys. The thing is, nothing is a bargain if you do not need it. In your case, I am sure you will find good use for everything.

  2. I am wondering if the frame with the wire behind it was for storing your earrings. I have seen something similar to this before.

    great finds!