Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Window Shopping Wednesday

Happy B-Day to me!!! Happy B-Day to me!! OK not really for another month!!! I saw this beauty in a shop window and drooled ALL THE WAY BY!!! It was love at first sight!!! The shop was closed and had been for months. What's a girl to do but dream!!! But yesterday (my lucky day) I went by and surprise!!!! Shop opened!!!! So I stopped by and casually asked how much (because I'm cheap, pretty much cheap) and was told it was $50. Not bad I saw another one very similar for $75 recently. But, the lady was kind and said she would take $40!! OK I'll take it!!! Hmmm, do I have an extra $40 laying around???? Uh, NO!!! So I justified my purchase by coming home, calling my mom and saying you bought me something really great for my b-day!!! Wow, what good taste you have mom....I LOVE IT!!!! (She didn't mind)

I also found these lovelies at Michael's over the weekend.....clearance!!!!!
Birds and crowns.........Yay!!!

Here is a project I did a while back.....a .69 find at a thrift store paired with .50 yard sale dominoes.....cute I think!!

And, last but not least a birdcage for spring (I forgot I put in the attic. I just love finding treasures in my own attic)!!! I love birdcages, and birds, and birds nests, oh, and eggs!!!

Well, those are my whites for White Wednesday!!!!
Have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. With a little help on your part, sounds like you had a great birthday. Best wishes for many more.

  2. Oh your new cherub guy is gorgeous! I don't blame you one bit for needing him! And clearly, he was meant to be yours:) We're allowed to stretch our birthdays out when it comes to treasures like that!