Friday, March 4, 2011

Paint Expedition!!!

Seems as though with everything I do.....nothing is simple!!! I guess that is just a perk of being me.....yay (insert sarcasm here)!!!! I went to buy paint for my daughter's bedroom last weekend. I didn't have much (any) money but, mom decided to float me a loan (thanks mom)! While in Wal Mart looking at paint swatches (because I left mine at home) I ran upon the mismatched paint!!! Oh Yay!!!! I was sure I would find something I could use. This is what I found......except I was looking for grey. Yep, it looks like it could be a shade of grey (black)!!!! She wanted a really dark grey. As you can see.......this is definitely black-esque!!!!!

But for this price.....hmmmm, the wheels started to turn......

So I did politely ask the person behind "the counter" if you add color to this, can I still get it 1/2 price? Logical I'm thinking because at least it will sell. It took some persuasion....a lot!!! I finally convinced him to add white to the mix. That's all just a squirt of white. Makes sense right? Add white to lighten the color???? So I convinced him to add the white......he did alright.....lots of white!!! Yikes!!!! How do you scream.....too much!!! Stop!!!! That's enough!!!!! to someone who is doing you a favor????? Ummm, you don't (or at least I didn't). So although I was really worried this is how it turned out.....

I like to call it a lovely French grey. Not dark grey.....a light airy French grey!!! Uh oh!!! I'm in Soooo much trouble!!!! The wanna be princess at home is NOT going to be happy with this. So, what did I do....sucked it up and brought it home. Well, once I was home my oldest daughter said, ya know I still have a little paint leftover from my room. Hmmmm, OK I'll try anything before I get caught with THIS color. So we mixed, and mixed a little more......

This is what happened.....not as dark as she preferred but, not too bad.

Both pictures are from her freshly painted room (makeover pics coming soon). The light is different but, trust me it's all the same color.

So the moral to this story is ask politely to alter colors and be specific about how you want it mixed. Just a little white please may have worked out a little better. But, all's well that ends well..Now...what can I paint French grey?????

I'm joining Show and Tell the week!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I go to Home Depot to get most of my paint. They have a computer. I take wallpaper scraps or what ever I want to match and it does pretty good. If I am not happy I always ask what colors they used and I make the decision to add or what ever and they do it. Sometimes its good sometimes I donate it to charity. Liked you story, drop by my blog some times.Thanks, Richard

  2. To me grey and white are the two hardest colors to chose from, I have 11 different colors of white splashed on my sunroom wall as I have to live with them a few days and see in all different lighting! I love the color you picked! Thanks for stopping by my place hope to see you again!

  3. Awe, you're such a great Mom! Choosing colours is hard! I always get the expert at the paint shop to match them up for me. I just take in the cushion, or plate, or whatever it is I want to match up, and she does does it for me. I haven't been sorry yet! Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers for my little granddaughter. It sure is appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Hello sweet Crystal, I buy paint from walmart mess ups all the time! You did a great job! Can't wait to see the bedroom.

  5. Hello
    Thank you for stopping by...
    Paint can be so tricky, but it turned out a beautiful shade. I am sure she is thrilled with it and all you efforts were appreciated.