Monday, March 28, 2011

Handbag,Candles, Questions!!!!!

I shopped LOTS over the weekend but, it was PROM shopping, Easter DRESS shopping, Easter SHOES shopping, Prom SHOE shopping.....which left little room for TREASURE shopping. I did manage a few little things.....
Do you ever pass by a shop and think....I really should go in there? But, you just never make it? That's what happened to me. The "hopefully dream store" was having a moving sale!!
Most of the items left in the store were 75% off.
This bag for instance........reg. 49.95.....
                                 I scored it for $12.50!!! Isn't she a beauty??? I LOVE HER~!!!!!
 I also found this little bundle of flowers.....reg. 9.99......So I paid $2.50 not great but, they are really pretty!
 All of the candles (what they had left....... why didn't I come in before today?) were $1.00. So I scooped up these for $2.00.
 I also found these cardboard chips in a bargain bin at Wal-Mart. Nice additions for several projects I think.
Now I need HELP!!!!!! I am NOT computer savvy!! I'm having a VERY difficult time figuring things out.....really makes me feel STUPID!!! I may act stupid stupid things.....but I don't like FEELING stupid!!! I would like to know (today, because there are lots of questions coming) how to fix my comments so I can directly respond back. I've looked, and LOOKED, AND LOOKED SOME try to figure it out!!!! I would love to respond to all of my comments. Please someone help me!!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!


  1. You got some great buys! My comments come to my e-mail & I respond from there. I am new at this too but hope that helps you!

  2. Sometimes the shops you think you should not go into, pays off. I have done the same thing. You did very well on all your purchases.

  3. You really found yourself some wonderful goodies here, I'm loving that bag! This proves that it's worth the time to at least check things out.

  4. What great finds at great prices-love it all!