Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glad To Be Back

I'm so glad to be back!!!!! I have been SO busy......last week was horrible!!!! My finals are finished at school (hopefully)!!!! I did manage to go to a sale on Saturday....(when I was supposed to be cleaning.....oops). I found some great things at this sale........
Picture holder, silver platter, and two of these great hammered silver bowls!!!
 I found another pitcher to add to the collection, candles, and this pink stuff......I haven't figured out what it  is  but, I can think of lots of uses for it!!!!
 I found this handbag to redo!!! A small beaded tassel, and a pair of pearl earrings......great project!!!
 A great vintage floral sheet and two battenburg valances (which were an accident....I thought they were white sheets)!!!
                                            A vintage peach gown......I can't wait to hang it up!!!
                                        Another vintage the pink ruffles and satin!!!
I'll have more finds to share tomorrow!!!!!
Well, hopefully everything will slow down!!! I'm so looking forward to more sales!!!!
I'm joing Kathleen @ Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!!!!

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