Thursday, March 10, 2011

3 Part-er

My post has 3 parts today....each one having NOTHING to do with the other. I guess I'm just having a random day!!!
Part 1
This is a story about a lovely little lady we have had for about 5 years. Her name is Carlee and she is 1/2 poodle!! Yes, 1/2 poodle but you would never know to look at her!!! This is Harley...aka Foof!!! We've had him for a year. He is a Maltese!!!
So, the 2 have spent their time together....days and unfortunately nights!!!!
So unexpectedly they fell in love.......

and now I'm going to be a grandparent!!!! NO, I'm not ready!!!!! We were smart enough to keep them apart for a full month but.....things happened. Mother nature outsmarted us!!!! So, we're preparing (I'm preparing mentally) for babies!! Anyone having puppy advise....tell me everything!!!!
Part 2
My great brilliant idea to buy this beauty is on the verge of backfiring!!!! Hmmm, does it surprise me???? NO!! I brought her home and placed her near the computer so I could look at her ALL the time. The only problem with that is.....I can smell her all the time!!!! YUCK!!!! No offense to smokers (my grandparents did for years) but, she wreaks of smoke!!!! I can't stand the smell of her!!!, I'm looking for any ideas on how to clean she smells as good as she looks. Now she just has a dirty (smelly) little secret!!!!

Part 3
My Giveaway!!!
It is my pleasure to offer you this box of goodies as a token of my appreciation!!! Tomorrow is the day I will pick a winner. All you have to do is leave a comment!!!

Thanks for listening!!!!!


  1. awww you are going to have some beautiful babies!! I am soo happy for you!

  2. What cute little doggies. How sweet that they love each other. They're little pups will be so adorable.

  3. Your fur parents to be are just adorable! Congratulations, by the way!
    In regard to the statue and unwanted smell, gotta ask, what is the statue made of and has it been painted? I may have a remedy for you, but it depends on what its made of.
    Oh and congratulations on the big 5-0! Way to go Girl!


  4. You forgot to watch your baby. Maybe you wanted more children around. Cute post and enjoyed your visit. Set the smoke smelling planter outside in the air for awhile. Or spray with Breeze. Some lucky person will be happy with your giveaway.

  5. Crystal congrats on being a Grandma!! *winks* Wish I knew what to tell ya but I've never had puppies before. Just a nice box set up for the birthing....yep that's all I got...sorry!
    2nd have you tried febreeze? I've never tried it on something ceramic like that but worth a shot maybe? Or you could fill it with activated charcoal. I used this on some smelly purses that I'd purchased from Hong Kong They were LV hence the trouble *winks*) It worked quite well. ...Oh and pick me pick me....I know I sound like a bad record...Vanna