Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trash Pile Treasures

I wanted to share a few bottles today. Total cost for all three.......50cents!!
 Both the large and small clear bottles came from an old trash pile!! Yes it's true, living in the country people years ago didn't have garbage service. They would take trash and make a "pile". I discovered a pile of trash on the old farm we keep our horses on. What treasures!!!!

I've been obsessing over the Graphics Fairy!!! Is anyone else??? I love, love, love the site. Anyway I printed off the label, glued it on and tied leftover ribbon around the top!

This little jar came from GW!! It was a whopping .50. It's difficult to tell in the pic but it has a Fleur de lis on the front. I added greenery from the Dollar Tree and shredded sheet music.
Busy day today.....I can't wait to go dig through the trash pile again!!!!


  1. Out the in the country and before trash bins, you could find neat things thrown away. It is not that way in the city. My daddy used to go each week to the trash piles and it was amazing what he found. He made money from others trash. You did very well with your finds.

  2. These are fun! You should join Brag Monday at the Graphics Fairy and show everyone what you make!

  3. I have that exact fleur de lis jar, I use it as my coffee jar and I absolutely love it!
    You got a better deal, I paid $4 for mine.
    Does yours have the fleur de lis on the lid too?

    Take care,

  4. Hi Crystal, so lovely to meet you! Thankyou so much for the link! Love all of your purchases!!
    I also love your post on `what style`are you!!? I can totally sympathise with you there! I dont feel like I fit in any exact `style`category either! Maybe just eclectic!!
    Look forward to more of your posts and treasures!!
    Laura xx

  5. Well I will try this again. I have a jar exactly like yours from the Goodwill too! Must be they are plentiful. lol.
    I love to dig in any old pile and find goodies!!