Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank You Mary!!!

Mary thank you sooo much for the great idea!!! I've taken the pumpkin idea to heart and here is what I began with!!! Close you ears and eyes if you own a sweater like this....but....ewww yuck!! I purchased these at a sale for .50 each and this is just the tip of the iceberg....I bought a lot of! These are some of the wanna be's! They're not quite there yet.....

Here are 2 of my favorites!! I love them sparkles and all!! I decorate for fall not Halloween but how cute are these???

Another set! This sweater had the fringes on the ends of the sleeves already. I wish you could see bling in the center of the bows. After the cost of .50 for each sweater I figured I have all of about .25 in each pumpkin. I used stuffing from an old pillow for the bottom....plastic grocery bags for the filling.....yarn and twine from around the house.....tulle from a yard sale bag of stuff....The only things I actually purchased were the gems and I did pay $1 for a pkg. of 150 at the Dollar Tree!!! Woo Hoo!!

I'm so excited!! I think I may be ready to come back!! I have lots of treasures to share this week!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 2 VOTECH House

I'm still working on the house!! We spent week 2 & part of 3 building and putting up two outside walls. The morning class put up the left side and my class built and put up the right.
So far this year building walls is my favorite part!! They go up so quickly!! I'm enjoying school more this year.....less overload of information! Can't wait to show you what we did last week!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've Missed You

I've missed all my blogging buddies!! I have been a little busy but A LOT bored!! I wish I had great stories to tell about all the places I've been. Unfortunately, the only places I've been are through the books I've been reading. Ha Ha
I wanted to share with you the house we're building at school. I should take pictures the same time every week but.....we all know that's not going to happen.....tee hee!!! This is the beginning though. There are 2 sides of the floor because we build a modular home. Our class has the right side. We spent a week working on floor joists, then laid plywood. I have more pics but, I'm going to try to share them a week at a time. I don't understand how I can stay so tired all the time. I go to school with plenty of energy and after sleeping late in the mornings I still come home and take a nap!! Any ideas how I can stay awake?? I keep thinking I would get something done if I would stay off the computer and sleep less....but....that's not going to happen!!! lol. Well, I've been a good girl and I've been staying home to save money....sad!! Christmas is coming.....So, I have nothing exciting to show. Until next time!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Part 2, Hillsville Finds

I have lots of goodies to share with you today!! First I found this wonderful brush for $1.00. I love the pink and white!
They had an entire tent full of jewelry for $1.00!!! I know I don't share my jewelry finds buy I do love jewelry.....costume, vintage, gold, silver,stainless steel I could go on and on and on about jewelry! This was not everything I was able to purchase, I decided not to go overboard...this time!!

I adore these old song books! Aren't they lovely? One is from 1869 and I'm not sure about the other.

I paid $4.00 for one and $2.50 for the other one. I think they are wonderful treasures!

I saved the best for last!! I fell in love with this stand. I hardly ever buy anything big on our trip. For one thing we fill the car and there's very little room. For another thing I've always believed in buy 10 things for $10.00 not 1 thing for $10.00. I checked the price and it said $45.00. NO WAY! No matter how much I liked it $45.00 was way too steep! So, I walked around and just kept coming back to this little stand. I decided not to buy it. Then, after thinking some more I thought well, if it were $30.00 I would go ahead and buy it. The gentleman was so nice. He said $30.00 was his bottom price and I handed over the money!!! YAY!

It actually came from a dental office. The stand is on wheels and it adjusts up and down (depending how tall or short the patient was)! I am so glad I bought it! I have so many uses for it already. I think it would look great w/ a huge fern in it. Towels in the bathroom. Filled with Christmas balls for the holidays!!! I could go on and on.
That was the extent of my shopping for the weekend. I think I spent around $60.00. Not too bad for all the junk...or treasures I came home with. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Part 1, Hillsville Finds

I thought I would spread my finds over 2 days. I'm running out of projects...(that I want to do). I still have tons of things...I need to be!
I found all of these items at yard sales. I found these berries.....for.....are you sure you want to know???? OK...I'll tell you.....$1.00 each! I know, I couldn't believe it either! They are huge...the picture doesn't do them justice. I even asked to make sure (although they were marked)! I purchased 4 of them. I think they'll be great for fall or winter decor. At the same sale I bought all the bows for $1.00. A huge piece of Christmas garland w/ lights, and ornaments for $1.00. The small tree.. for $.50.
I purchased this metal sculpture for $.50. I had plans to rip it apart, not sure about my plan now, I'm beginning to like it!

I bought this silver platter for $.50. Can't wait to clean it up and use it. I also bought these 5 lampshades $1.00 for all. I'm excited to glam these up!

These were also great finds. They are plate holders as well as candle holders! I'm not sure what color they should be. I've thought black, white, or just leave them gold. I bought the set for $4.00.

Well, that was part 1. Hopefully I can share my favorites with you tomorrow. These were just to tease!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I wanted to share some pics of the flea market. It's a little difficult to see in some of these pics but, this is the main street. There are tents lined up on both sides of the street as far as you can see. View to the left. Here is the view to the right. I over heard someone say they expected around half a million people at this flea market over the weekend (I believe it)!!!!
Here is the largest of the fields. There are 2 others. There is a field I've never even been to before. Each and every tent holds a different vendor.

They had linens and quilts.......

Lawn and garden decor.........

Some really neat items made from salvaged wood, doors, and windows.......

Fall and Halloween decor..........

And Christmas!!!!

They have a little of EVERYTHING!!! I didn't buy very much at the flea market but I have lots of goodies to share from yard sales!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hillsville, Va....Here I Come!!

I'm heading to the flea market in Hillsville, VA tomorrow! I am so excited! The thing about an entire town having a sale have to find something!!! We normally stop at garage and yard sales on our way to the flea market. That's where we find the best deals. I actually make VERY few purchases at the actual flea market. The things there are beautiful but WAY out of my price range. I wanted to share some of the things I've purchased from my trips in the past. A set of night stands....2 for $30.00
This lovely picture. Perfect for spring! I'm thinking it was around $15.00.

My vintage prints.....I love love love!!!!! Wishing now I had bought at least 10 more of these....crossing my fingers to find the same vendor again!!!! They were amazing bargains at $3.00 each!

A large metal ceiling tin!! I think it was around $10 or $12.

I'm hoping for nice weather....great bargains.......and lots of fun......wish me luck!
As soon as I recoup from the hrs. of driving....then, hrs. of shopping I'll share my great finds...or lack thereof!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ohh, Country Victorian!!!

I am just like a kid on Christmas when a new magazine comes out!!! This is a good one!!! I can't wait to sit down and read it!!! I always get so excited I HAVE to flip through the pages. While I was flipping guess what I found???? Sandy Foster!!!! I have looked at her blog so many times for inspiration! I wish my ENTIRE house looked like her playhouse! I love it!!!!

Well, I have school again today....I suppose this will have to wait until I get home....I know sad!!!! Have a great day and run out and pick up a copy!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What to do?

My dear friend Lena gave me this lamp! She came from Italy many years ago and this lamp was a gift to her from a friend. She's getting older and gave this lamp to me. It's such a treasure! She told me the lamp shade came along later. She said I could change the shade but I like it. I removed the trim and wanted to replace it. The only problem is......when ripping the trim off....this is what happened......
I thought I may want to take some vintage sheets of music and cover the shade but, on the other hand I do like the shade. I still want to use the trim but, I'm just at a loss as what to do.

I need to cover the spots where the paper is missing. Any suggestions on how to fix my problem????

Monday, August 30, 2010


Oh my goodness!!! I've not been on here in soooo long I just don't know how to!!!! I've been so busy!! School has began for the girls and myself! I hope to take pics this year of our would be so much fun to document the progress of our house (at school)!

Well, enough of that.....on to the fun!!! I was at the flea market a couple of Saturday's ago and ran upon a stack of frames!!! Needless to say I was sooooo excited....until I asked the prices! You KNOW I refuse to pay a lot for frames. Normally I pay between $1.00 to $4.00 for a large wooden frame. Well, this lady wanted $10.00 each! I was so upset! I did find one I fell head over heels in love with. So, I asked if she would take less??? PLEASE....TAKE LESS....(I was begging in my head)! She came down to $8.00. Not great but better. I had just enough $ to buy 2!!! They are real wood on the back......... Ta Dah!!! Here's the front!!! First, I wish it wasn't upside! But, this picture just doesn't do it justice! It's such a wide frame......imagine how beautiful it's going to be in white....yay!!!!

Here is frame #2! (Disclaimer: For anyone I'm about to's not my intention.) I'm not really sure why someone thought it would be a good idea to place plastic flowers in a frame????? Really???? But, I guess to each his own!!! Can't wait to rip, and tear all of someones hard work out, paint the frame and place a lovely print inside!!!!

Well, that sums up all of the excitement since I've been gone (I know it's sad)!! I'm looking forward to decorating for fall....except I have to clean the house first!!!! Hoping to hit the Hillsville,VA flea market this weekend (fingers crossed)! I'm sure if I go I'll have lots of goodies to share!!! Just so you know I've missed everyone!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Dot Our I's

I found these at Michael's. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. A quick trip to Family Dollar solved my problem. I found some pictures I absolutely loved (I didn't take pics in the store)! They were bath pictures that had rhinestones. They really made the pictures! I know it's hard to tell, but I added gold here and there. I dotted all the I's!

I added some bling to these chandeliers.

Here is a close up. You can see a little better in this pic.

Dotted another I. I also added a few in the swirlies!

Well, these are not the best pics in the world, I know! I just love this idea to add a little something special to really inexpensive pictures! The light catches them on occasion and they're like little diamonds! I like shiny!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm A Tree Hugger!

I get a call last Saturday from my mom. She had been out yard saleing and said she had bought me something. I was excited...who doesn't get excited about gifts?? I hop in the car and go to her house. She had found lots of goodies....which she needs to start posting. She takes me out to her Jeep and she pulls this out! She bought me this one to replace the one that got broken!!! How sweet....thanks mom!! It was really nice but, I thought that was it. She looks at me and says "Are you ready?". Hmmm, I thought this was it! She opens the back of her Jeep and my eyes light up!!! It's a pink Christmas Tree!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! It had this price tag on it....something I would never pay that much for!

Let's just say I was SO excited I jumped up and down. A 6 foot pink Christmas tree with lights (that work)!

I even pulled a piece of the tree out and hugged it!!! I can't believe she found this tree and for $3.00! What were those people thinking? I'm so happy with my new tree...I know it's hard to tell......I can't wait for Christmas decor!!!

What Can $1.00 Do?

What CAN $1.00 do? Let's find out what $1.00 has done for me!!!
A $1.00 frame (glass included) turned this print from yeah, it's pretty to Wow! A $1.00 can of paint turned this from black to......

A $1.00 (wire basket) hid all this mess from projects to come later.....

Who would guess I could hide THAT much stuff back there!

A $1.00 turned these sheers from BORING....

to feminine and pretty!

Wow, if $1.00 can do all this imagine what $10.00 could do!

What has $1.00 done for you?
Joining the party at Cindy's Show & Tell!