Monday, December 29, 2008

Here are my angels I found at Roses the day after Christmas. I got 2 for $5.00. I loved them but thought they could use a pink touch. Here is the after. I put some of the pink polka dot fabric around her waist. Then found and old pink ribbon to wrap around her arms. The flower on her skirt came from the pink dress. I just plucked it off and hot glued it to the bottom of her dress. The lace at the very bottom of her skirt came off an old roll. Thank goodness I came up with enough for 2!

This is the bottom of the dress I used on the stockings. It was a size 16 in girls and was really long. I took the entire bottom of the dress apart and formed a great tree skirt. For nearly nothing I have a tree skirt and 4 stockings! Here is a close up of the fabric. I love the shimmer of the overlay.

After Christmas clearance!

I went shopping the day after Christmas. I hit 4 different Dollar Tree stores to find things 'cheap'! I finally found the stockings I wouldn't pay $1 a piece. I ended up with 4 for $2.00. This is how they look so far. My daughter was given a dress, pink with white polka dots. She hated it and I hated to give it up. I loved the fabric. So.....the cuff on the stocking is the dress. I had the gold trim leftover from long, long ago. They still need a few gold touches but, I haven't decided on buttons, brooches, thread, or beads. That may be a good project for next Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Tradition

When my husband and I first started dating he bought me a snow globe. Year after year no matter what another snow globe was added to the collection. This is my favorite globe of all time "A Christmas Story" !
I love this one too. It's my dream home!

This was the very first one. We left it in his car overnight by mistake and it froze. At least it's a story for the kids.

I display all my globes on shelves that run the length of my living room wall.

At least there's always room for more!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are very important in our house. It began when I was young, I don't remember exactly when. My brother and I opened one of our Christmas packages and it contained a note. The note sent us to other destinations in our house until we finally found our package. I've continued the tradition with my own children. My eight year old asks every year "Are you going to give us clues and hide our presents?"
It seems as though Christmas morning is over entirely too quick. The kids grab gifts, open, and it's over. Sending them from room to room gathering clues until they find their gifts not only prolongs Christmas but adds to the excitement.

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Christmas pics

This is my chandelier in my living room. This is my mantle in my kitchen.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great Goodwill find!

I was supposed to be out Christmas shopping today and ran upon this adorable lamp for $2.00. I knew I had to have it. It needed something so I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought the cream colored trim. No, doesn't make sense but I spent $1.99 for a yard of trim. The pink trim was from a leftover project. A little hot glue and here it is! Have no clue where it's going but I love it!
This is the before with the big $2.00 sticker on it.

It has a tiny hole in the fabric but, I figured with the cord coming out of that side if anyone noticed they were too close anyway!

Look at things for what they can be not what they are!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas In Pink

This is my Christmas in Pink. I've been working on it for around 2 years now. I began with the pink ribbon at a thrift store for .50 a roll. The angel in this wreath was a whopping .25 at a thrift store. I love yard sales. The cherubs, tree, sleigh, and a few ornaments came from yard sales. My favorite piece of furniture!
My tree looks empty! It doesn't look that bare in person.
My coffee table with a card my best friend sent me last year. It's our favorite movie! The frame came from a Dollar Tree store. The cande sticks originally came in a dark color. I spray painted them white. I purchased them at an after Christmas sale for $6. The bowl I got this year for $2.50 at a going out of business sale.