Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cherub & Candleabra Re-Do

Oh my's been SO long since I've actually finished a project! I'd almost forgotten what it was like to re-create something!! I found this awesome cherub statue while working at the thrift store yesterday.  It began as gold.......

 The after...a coat of white spray paint!

 After the first piece I began looking around for something else to transform. I've went so long without projects and now I'm looking for anything to paint. Another thrift store find. An old Home Interior piece. Originally I had thought about turning this in to a primitive piece as a gift. 

 I'm not sure I can part with it now! It has old world appeal!

 Thanks so much to Rosemary @! I'm in love with all of her projects! I asked her a thousand question about Gesso. Mind you this was a long, LONG, time ago! I stored the info and I love the antiqued finish. I also used a glaze. I have no idea why I'm so intimidated by glaze but baby steps I suppose!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finding Me!

 I've really...REALLY slacked on blogging!! I can't remember the last time I blogged. I've been thinking for the last several days how I miss it. I made wonderful friends that I completely lost touch with. I've been finding myself!! I know it sounds COMPLETELY CRAZY (even to myself) I've gotten lost along the way.

 I can see 40 (not there yet) but I can see it coming and I just wasn't happy with myself. To be my age I really thought I should have it all together by now. I should be financially secure, happy with my self image (perfect weight), have the home and car of my dreams, pretty much my life should be perfect....(I know right? What was I thinking?). But, instead of any of those things I was someone's wife, someone's mother....sometimes I just didn't feel like I had a name. Sometimes stay at home moms are just that...wives to their husbands and mothers' to their children...I had NO identity! I would look at all the blogs and everyone seemed to have found their place in life...that certain thing they were passionate about...a place where they belonged....NOT ME!! I honestly wondered what was wrong with me!!

 It's not that I'm not good at anything. I think I do pretty well in the photography dept, I like crafts (just not enough to sell them), I love decorating (but space is limited), then you throw in husband, kids, dogs....who has time to find what they're passionate about? I love all of these things!

 A few things I've figured out (recently) is I like who I am. I began volunteering at a local thrift store (so I'm not home 24/7)....and guess what? They know my name!! Exciting for most for me...yippeee!!! I get paid in clothing, shoes, handbags, home items....(yes I also hear the choir singing). I feel like I make a difference there (it's nice to be appreciated). I also feel like I'm making a contribution to our family. I go shopping less (no need to buy a shirt when I just brought home I dress better, I feel better, I'm saving money, I feel better with me.

 Maybe it's time to blog again...I would love to share advice on money. I've lived a long time on very little, and I think it's something to be proud of.  I love my new clothes and shoes (thank you Pinterest). I see so many things on there that may not be exact but, certainly close enough!!!  I still LOVE decorating & of course crafts. I hope so share a little of everything, maybe that's my place in the world...nothing particular but, a little of everything!!