Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coffee Table Looks?????

I'm experimenting a little with looks for my coffee table. I'm not sure about this one.....I've been stalking blogland and I've taken several ideas from different places.
                            A simple bowl with twine and finials......the "newest" bunch of flowers.
 My little statues with a coat of white paint......I wasn't sure what to use in the top.....they looked empty without anything at all. I tried Spanish moss......I didn't like that so I topped each one with a Christmas ball. Not perfect but it will do (I want to coat them in cream paint but the weather is NOT cooperating).
 I love the candelabra......and books on the table. I think I'm searching for look and haven't quite mastered it yet.
This is the display I was going to use.......

Which do you like better.....any suggestions?????
Joining Faded Charm for White is Wednesday.....right????
It's been a LOOOOOONG week already!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prom Jewelry

I mentioned yesterday I spent ALL day on Saturday shopping for prom and Easter. This may sound like fun for most moms shopping with daughters......not so much for me!!!! My little one is super easy to shop for she is a girly girl.....loves all the things that I love!!!
My oldest (16) loves hunting....and camo......and things like her father......(ewwwww yuck)!!!
So I'm taking a girl out prom shopping who
A. Hates to shop
B. Hates dresses
C. Is either not picky (to fault)
or too picky
Hmmmm, this is NOT going to be good!!!
So, she decided she wanted to borrow a dress because she wanted to buy cowboy boots (to wear for prom)
So we borrowed a dress......
Found a necklace.....(for $1.00).......

I purchased the necklace for myself but, it looked wonderful with her dress so I went back and bought 2 more of the same......made earrings and a bracelet......Total investment.....
Necklace to tear apart and make earrings, bracelet.......$1.00
Earring hooks......$2.00 
1 Extra necklace.....(just in case)......$1.00
 Not bad so far. I'm trying to be a good mom and save some money.
Thought I would make her a custom flower for her hair......
Bought a roll of nylon mesh for $2.50.......and made this flower.
 So, she wanted boots......she bought boots.....nice boots....but they were missing something. I took leftover necklace parts and made jewelry for her new boots. Made teeny tiny flowers.........everything matches!
 Not bad for a weekend project!!! Total cost.....
Boots.....A Lot
It looks pretty good I think......except she tries on the dress doesn't like how it fits......(and I see her point). So now we are shopping for another dress.....or alternative. She's keeping the boots but, EVERYTHING ELSE is up in the air
(on the bright side I have a matching bracelet and earrings to go with MY necklace....tee hee hee)!!!!
Gotta love teenagers!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Handbag,Candles, Questions!!!!!

I shopped LOTS over the weekend but, it was PROM shopping, Easter DRESS shopping, Easter SHOES shopping, Prom SHOE shopping.....which left little room for TREASURE shopping. I did manage a few little things.....
Do you ever pass by a shop and think....I really should go in there? But, you just never make it? That's what happened to me. The "hopefully dream store" was having a moving sale!!
Most of the items left in the store were 75% off.
This bag for instance........reg. 49.95.....
                                 I scored it for $12.50!!! Isn't she a beauty??? I LOVE HER~!!!!!
 I also found this little bundle of flowers.....reg. 9.99......So I paid $2.50 not great but, they are really pretty!
 All of the candles (what they had left....... why didn't I come in before today?) were $1.00. So I scooped up these for $2.00.
 I also found these cardboard chips in a bargain bin at Wal-Mart. Nice additions for several projects I think.
Now I need HELP!!!!!! I am NOT computer savvy!! I'm having a VERY difficult time figuring things out.....really makes me feel STUPID!!! I may act stupid stupid things.....but I don't like FEELING stupid!!! I would like to know (today, because there are lots of questions coming) how to fix my comments so I can directly respond back. I've looked, and LOOKED, AND LOOKED SOME try to figure it out!!!! I would love to respond to all of my comments. Please someone help me!!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

House Building 101

This is an update of the house the Wyoming County Votech house is building. I just so happen to be a student in the class. I know go figure ME building a house!!! I put my work boots and tool belt on every day and go to school!!! It's still funny the way people look at me when I tell them!! My intention was to take pics every Friday and update you on the progress.....(we see how well that worked out)!! But here is the grand tour in all it's glory!!!!

  The living room ....this is the room I am responsible for. I've helped construct this room from floor to roof.
I've hung drywall, textured the walls and ceiling, and painted everything!!! The far wall will be stone...that is next weeks lesson!!!

In addition to the stone wall the ceiling is a wonderful feature!!!

This is the view walking in the front door. The kitchen will be on the left and the dining area on the right.

After walking in and facing the kitchen there is a small hallway this is the laundry area and back door.

Continuing down the hallway you come to the master bedroom (on the left).
Both bedrooms feature walk in closets.

                   Master bathroom.......notice the ceramic tile floor. The master bath will have double sinks.

                                                                            The shower.

                                  Please excuse my pictures being out of's been a long day!!!!
                                     Here is the view back through the hallway to the dining area.

                                       The kitchen. Someday it will have cabinets and a large island.

                 The front door and coat closet (see the tile.....I helped lay that and it was grouted today)!

                                                                         The hall bath.


                         And last the second bedroom. It's located at the very end of the hall.
You can see it's a construction area. It's amazing to take part in building a home!!! We will be trimming all the doors and windows, laying hardwood floors, installing cabinets.....lots of work left do.
Thankfully it's Friday....pulled a muscle yesterday.....poor me!!!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Couldn't Wait

What is wrong with me??? I can't finish anything and I'm ready to change again!!!
I think it's all the lovely inspiration I've seen.
Lovely whites......EVERYWHERE!!!!

I'm going to start slow.....try to avoid a huge little mess and go around the room a little at a time.

                                              Shabby, ruffles and rust are all on my to do list!!!!

                                                     I had to throw in a couple of baby pics.......

 They are growing so fast!!! They are still so little and sweet. They fit in the palm of your hand.
Three boys and two girls.
Still waiting for little eyes to open and explore the world!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Really Does Work!!!

             I've heard there is a product that can make your whites.......... whiter......

                                                                And your brights.....brighter!!!!
(Please ignore the projects in the floor.......oops)!!!!

                                                                   Perfect for vintage linens.......

                                   What could it hurt to try on some freebies from a yard sale..........

                                                                I really had nothing to lose.

 WOW!!!! It really does work!!!!!

I'm a believer!!!!!

Joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!!!!

70 Degrees....No Snow!!!!

Spring is here!!!! I'm so excited....70 degrees!!! Can you believe it??? I can't. I've been spending as much time as I can outside....NO SNOW!!! YAY!!!

My aunt gave me this cute little basket. I know it wants to be painted white!!!!
I love this rusty piece. It was the pulley for my husband's grandmothers well....isn't it neat???
It's been outside....for a long time..(perfect rusty finish)..time to bring it in!!!!

 I knew spring was on it's way look at all the yellow!!!!

 I had to set my bike up. It needs more paint...more flowers....
(in MAY uggggghhhh I still have to wait a month?????)....

 I need to make a seat for my little tricycle. It needs flowers too!!!

I think I need a new camera.....these pictures just aren't doing all the bright yellow and green justice!!!
We have 3 cameras and I'm testing them out......I think this one needs to go!!!!

Well, hopefully I'll be off riding horses's the perfect day for it!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

More Trash!!!

I've been digging through the trash again!!! My husband HATES when I did through trash!!! He hates when I look at trash.....look through trash....and especially when I bring it home.....ha ha!!! Hate that for him!!!                                              
                                                  They're treasures.....NOT TRASH!!!
This little beauty is my favorite!!!! It has a lovely shade of blue/green....chippy and all!!!!
 This is a small collection of my favorites.....(before I cleaned them)!!! The shape of the tall one is great!
 The larger jars!! Can't wait to clean these up and get started!!!
Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Pray for the people.....

those who have lost.....
and especially those who may be lost at the nuclear plant.

Pray without ceasing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I couldn't find anything really exciting to post about today so I went through the house looking. I have an entire cabinet full of my grandmothers things.......

                                       Aprons!!!!!! I love these and so thankful I have them!!!

There are different styles.....

 and colors......and patterns!!!
 This is an extra I picked up along the way...I think....( I obviously need to write these things down)!!
Can anyone think of a creative way to display them???? I'm at a loss so they were folded and alas went back to the cabinet.....I know sad right?