Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sale Finds From 4/9 Cont.

Here are more finds from this past weekends sale. I found soooo much!!! I'm still excited about it all!!!
First I found this great skirt!! For me to wear.....no way!!! It would be like wrapping yourself up in a quilt (it's that thick). I am going to re purpose it as a tree skirt for Christmas!!!
It literally is quilt thick. It has velvet and lace. My mom thought I was insane, until I told her what I was going to do....then she wished she had gotten to it first!!!!

More patterns.....I wished last weekend I had just bought them all. A flower....beads....and some cording.
Can you guess what this is???? It's old and pleather.......
It's a dress. Perfect for making flowers to go on handbags!!!! I hate to cut it up!! Better to be used than thrown away I guess (at least that's what I'm going to tell myself with scissors in hand)!
Aren't these little angels sweet??? I so love them!!! They look so vintage!! I think they need new dresses don't you?
I've already begun the transformation.....I may be able to share it soon!!!
Well, it looks like I need to get busy doesn't it??? Lots of projects to do!!
I'm so ready for school to be out. Spring break is soon and so is open house at school. The house at school is looking beautiful!! I usually see potential in things but, it has surpassed my expectations!!! Can't wait for you to see it!!!!!

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