Monday, April 25, 2011

Outdoor Project

This is a project I have had on "the list" for a while. It's just been finding the time. I bought this old book at a bag sale. So honestly it cost nearly nothing. I ripped every page of the entire book out and sat and strung pages on a piece of jute.

 This is the end result!! I love the way it turned first try too!!

I had been thinking for a while this spot on the front of my house would be the perfect place for this quilt rack!

 I added some spare greenery, a birds nest,  and added this little plaque into and old coal bucket. The bucket has a rusty bottom....but who will ever know?

 I added several different things to the top of the shelf. I can see it changing frequently!!!

Well, this is spring break....I have lots of cleaning to do!!!!!


  1. I have been thinking about trying to make one of those garlands..I even bought an old dictionary to try it. I love the way yours turned out!! Great outdoor decorations!!

  2. Very cute!!
    Love the coal bucket with plant and book in it too.

    Thanks for visiting my place.
    regarding trim: I'm actually SELLING it for $15.00.
    Want some fringe trim?

    Blessings on your day

    barbara jean