Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busiest 2 WKs.....EVER

This by far has been the busiest 2 weeks ever (of the school year anyway)!! I spent most of last week testing at school (talk about stress) and this week Open House!! I go to school early and stay late!!! Yuck!!! It's well worth it....but, I'm so tired!! I'll have great pics of the house to share with you though!!!
I did manage to throw together a vignette this morning. I think I like it....time will tell whether I'm in love with it or not!!!
 I still have lots of projects....most on the back burner for now.....I found this awesome skirt....I would wear it but, it's a size 4. Hmmm, let's see.....I could have been a size four at birth....(might as well have been....because I can't even remember)!!! This was another find at the bag sale. I think it would make an awesome drawstring handbag.
 This is another handbag project. I thought this one would be too easy....throw a flower on and done!!! Never that easy!!! It has a small spot on one of the corners....now it must have a ruffle to cover the flaw.
 But, honestly who can get ANYTHING done with 5 of these cuties running around. I really didn't know they would be so much work once they became mobile!!! As you can see.....they are ransacking EVERYTHING!!! They are tiny but destructive!!!
Well, off to school I go......early....again.....I'm so ready for the school year to be O-VER!!!!! I have projects to do!!!!


  1. Your vignette is so pretty, love that urn. Oh yes, the skirt would make a great bag, good idea. I don't know how you manage all these little projects with your school schedule and I'm sure those adorable puppies are a handful.

  2. Beautiful vignettes Crystal

    Thank you so very much for the love & encouragement that you left on my blog. My best to you.

    Warm regards