Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Wednesday and My Birth Week

 We heard someone say a few yrs ago they were celebrating their "birth week". Birth Week??? Hmmm, I like the sound of that!!! It happens anyway, your birthday falls on a day in the middle of the week (for me today). Everyone has school or work and church this evening. No eating out today, (more importantly) no shopping. So this past Saturday was "the day"!!! No kids's my birth week! Husband is extra's my birth week!! Works out well FOR ME!!!!
So in honor of BIRTH WEEK and WW here are my goodies for the day!!!
I found this $9.99 cherub.....
 She was too she was lightly sprayed and sponged white!!! (my husband and kids said she was ugly.....what were they thinking?)
 These two yard sale finds have been gold WAY TOO LONG not to mention I'm on a white kick.....EVERYTHING MUST BE WHITE!!!
 The .10 frame....(maybe I'll actually use it now!!! Paired with yard sale finds from the last 2 weeks.
(by the way I forgot to mention all the goodies I posted yesterday and the day before with lots of extras I didn't show came to a whopping $15.00)
                                                     The candle holder.....Loving it now!!!!
 And this!!! I was at a favorite shop and I saw this stacked up in a corner. I checked the tag and it had been marked from $45 to $20!!! What???? A table and chairs for $20???? It doesn't even need painted!!! I had to go back the next day to pick it up!! I thought about tiling a table top, or maybe I'll just cut plywood and throw a table cloth over for now. Isn't it great for $20??? I'm looking for fabric to cover the seats!! I'm envisioning white ruffles!!!!
I need an entire porch redo.......the yellow house....yuck!!! Those awful railings.......double yuck!!!! The astro turf.....triple yuck!!!! I need some $$$$ so it will be pretty!!!!
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!
I'm joining Kathleen @ for White Wednesday!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! My birthday is tomorrow! Thank you for your sweet visit to Girl in Pink! I am so glad that you were inspired to paint your french provincial furniture! The desk I painted has a formica top which I was annoyed with at first, but it actually made things easier. I didn't have to tape it at all...any paint that ended up on the top easily rubbed off and all of the little scuffs came right off with Mr. Clean's magic eraser! I thought I would pass on that little tidbit in case your furniture has formica too! You have some lovely finds and of course I am a fan of painting things white too! Good for you for seeing potential in other's castoffs! Enjoy your birthday and your birthday week! I'll be back to visit you again soon!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  2. Love your new treasures! They look great in white! I'm seem to be going through and "everthing must be white phase" too! I think it must be a Spring thing... White is so fresh looking!

    Thanks also for stopping by!

  3. Love the transformation of the frame and candle holder, the frame just needs some sheet music and a bird and ta-da! perfect, I mean, that is my suggestion. Have a lovely day!

  4. Happy Birth week Crystal! You really scored some amazing treasures, and I love your white transformations of them. The table and chairs were a spectacular find!!!
    - Susan

  5. Hi Crystal. Happy Birthday! Nice finds!
    Have a great weekend too!
    ~ Julie
    p.s. I like yellow houses . . . the old farm house in our neighborhood used to be yellow with white trim; it was so pretty.