Monday, April 11, 2011

Sale Finds From 4/9

Well.....I've done it.....AGAIN!!!! The same sale from LAST weekend....they had it AGAIN this weekend....and I went back!!!!
I thought they would have a little more.....
I never dreamed I would find more the SECOND time around!!!!

I found vintage Christmas balls......
 I found this garden statue.....which will look great in a corner of the living room. A candle holder, and a small corsage.
 Oh but these!!! My mom found a box and started digging. She pulled out more and more gloves!!!! YAY MOM!!!!! We spilt the gloves......
Long gloves, short gloves, gold gloves!!!!
Also found some cute bow cute would these be on bottles????
 Short gloves again....even pretty blue gloves.....(I feel like a Dr. Seuss rhyme)!!!
 I found this awesome roll of paper!! Very vintage. I think it would look great on a stack of boxes.....that's as far as I've gotten with project ideas with it.
Well, those were part 3 I suppose!!!! I have more to share tomorrow. Lots of soon to be projects!!!!
Have a great Monday (can Mondays be great?)
Oh, before I forget......anyone have any advise on
Which one is better.....
which one I need????
THANKS Crystal!!!!

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  1. You just tend to have a knack for finding great things at your estate/garage sales. I am never that lucky.