Friday, July 23, 2010

Outside Planter For Inside!

Here are more finds from Clarence! Don't tell hubby but .....I love Clarence! Well, you can tell him he knows!!! I found these planters guessed it Hobby Lobby! I bought a pair of the large round ones for $4.40 each. The small round one was $3.40. The rectangle one was $2.80. I found them in the garden section. When asked where are you going to put those? My answer .....if I can't find anywhere inside I can put them outside (because that's where they actually belong)! I like this nature inspired planter. I also thought the pair would look great with trees in them for Christmas or topiaries!!!
This small one is going to be so much fun! It can hold a bit of everything!

The same planter with buttons! I think buttons and thread would look adorable. I Haven't had this flower ball displayed......well anywhere ever! I think it compliments the roses on the vase!

Well, that was my experience with Clarence for the day!! Hope you get to meet up with him soon!
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  1. I found some awesome Clarence items yesterday at Hobby Lobby!! Whoo Hoo! Love our planters.

  2. Be sure to ONLY use these inside! I bought some just like those from Michael's and they literally crumbled apart! (during the summer, within a month after I got them!) Sad!

  3. Thanks Mikey!!! I'll keep them IN!!! That's horrible!

  4. These are just gorgeous!! I so wish there was a Hobby Lobby close to me!!