Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Display

I've played with all my new space today!! I'm so excited to have all this room! Everything in the cabinet came from either a thrift store, yard sale, or clearance at Hobby Lobby! Let's just say dirt cheap! I'm not exactly finished either. I couldn't wait to hang these little ornaments up!
My shelf turned upside down....I've already changed this a bit and haven't taken a pic yet. I added tulle and a flower to soften it up a bit!

My favorite part of the cabinet ....the screen on the sides. I love how it adds texture. A bit of old with new.

Well, this is how the cabinet looks today.....although that's up for change at any given second. I haven't looked through any storage areas. Nor have I ventured in the attic to see what treasures await display up there (it's way too hot)! Until next time!!!


  1. We are like kids in a candy shop when we get a great deal!! LOL! Have fun sista!!!

  2. Wow, the cabinet looks great WHITE! And that frame from your post earlier looks great too, just needed a little TLC and some white to make it just so.