Sunday, July 25, 2010

People Thought I Was Crazy!

Well, people thought I was crazy for buying glitter and foam board from Dollar Tree and although yes, I probably am crazy I did have a plan! I took these items.....1 pack of glitter (2 are pictured), glue, twine (that I had), a piece of foam board, an exacto knife, and a pkg of scrapbooking cut-outs I used as stencils from Wal-Mart I showed in a previous post.

I began by tracing the letters out on the foam board and used the knife to cut them out. Then, I used the glue and spread it all over each letter. Sprinkled the glitter all over.

I took a nail and poked holes through the letters and strung them on the twine. A very easy and simple project! This is how it turned out! I think they're cute! The only thing I would have done differently is paint each letter, the sides and back. That way if the glitter gets chipped it's not noticeable...but you know I had the patience for that!

I knew I would use all that glitter!! The entire project cost me $2.00. A dollar for the board and a dollar for the glitter. I know I can get several more projects out of both so in all actually it probably cost me a few cents!


  1. How cute is this!!!!???
    I love this idea! hmmmmmm...where could I put this??

  2. Wow love this and how thrifty of you!! Great idea!

  3. Creative minds are never crazy...Now wheres mIne??

  4. Very good idea and such a good price. You have very clever in your creations. Yes, I love my little Layton more than anything. We have so much fun when together.

  5. I tried to cut some letters out of foam and they came out horrible. Yours are so pretty ~ great job!!