Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess What???

Is it Christmas??? It is July....maybe it's actually Christmas in July!!!! I finally have it!!!!
Woo Hoo!
A huge THANK YOU to those who wished me luck......IT WORKED!
I saw this great piece on the side of the road. Yes, outside. It was at a consignment shop left outdoors! My mom and I stopped last Saturday and took a look. The original tag (the white one) said $65.00. A little steep for the work it needed. So, I went my way and thought, and thought, and thought about the poor dear. I drove by her Wednesday and the shop was closed....maybe it wasn't meant to be (although the sale tag on the front made it worse).
Couldn't get it off my mind.....drove back by Thursday. No one again! Now, I'm obsessed. I HAVE to have it! I did leave a note this time with my number (why I wasn't smart enough to do this days before...who knows). So, I waited til 10:30 Friday morning and called hubby at home....."Has she called yet?" No. By this time he's not very happy with me. And it's supposed to rain today!!! Please don't let it get wet.
Well, she called right after I did. Hubby did the right thing and asked "Rock bottom price?" Are you ready for it????
I know I still can't believe it!!!! Hubby went and picked her up for me and she was waiting for me when I got home today......I know how sweet!
She needs a little work. Nothing major....yet!
I can't wait to start the painting process!!! A dreamy white!!! I am soooo excited....other than the fact that my back hurts from heavy lifting! I had to set her up for her before! Hopefully I'll sleep it off tonight and begin on her transformation tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh my gosh this is an amazing piece I love it! It is going to be breathtaking painted white! I cannot wait to see it. Hope your back feels better, but wow oh so worth it! Hugs,

  2. That is so beautiful! $40 wow and can't wait to see it painted white. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Great find, how nice of you husband to bring it home for you! Looking forward to seeing the transformation. Thanks for stopping by my blog.