Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lions and Gorillas and Bears...Oh My!

We surprised Myleigh with a trip to the North Carolina Zoo on Friday evening. The zoo is so big we spent most of the day Saturday too. I love this zoo! It's the largest natural habitat zoo in the country. We saw lions...... Gorillas.......
And polar bears! A great birthday surprise!

It was hot and the elephants needed to cool off. A wonderful weekend!

Here's my baby turning 10 today.....I guess I'll have to let her spread her wings and fly......

Happy Birthday Myleigh!


  1. The zoo is a child's paradise. However, it is also a fun place for the entire family. If you will, drop over to my place Tuesday for an award.

  2. Aw! isn't she cute!?
    What's funny is, Alyssa asked to go to the zoo here in town last week!
    It's hard to let them go--My other daughter is 20 in Oct.!! Yikes!!
    But it gets easier.
    Spend every moment you can with her because it goes by too quickly!
    What a fun day you had with your girl!