Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, ADD has wholeheartedly kicked in today. Today has been the ONLY day all week I've had the time for ME! I'm pretty excited! I'm trying to make up for the last week of "not for me"! But life goes on. I've looked at blogs on and off all day....shhh don't tell hubby he doesn't need to know WHY the house isn't clean.
Well, I bought these pillows (both for $1.00) at a yard sale. Decided I didn't need them after all. Put them in a yard sale (they didn't sell). Then I dug them back out again (imagine that).
I found trim at Hobby Lobby. I wanted it so badly and didn't have anywhere to put it. Normally I just buy and worry about that later but, I was good this one time. But, after giving it a lot or a little thought I decided to buy it for these pillows. I knew I could store it anyway! It was a bargain 8 yards for $11.42. Regular price was $5 & $6 a yard!
Things will look great for fall! I'm excited. Pillows match curtains, curtains match trim!!! You would almost think I had planned it that way....I know that WAS funny! Happy accident. The brown brocade pillow Hobby Lobby for $2.50...score!

So, as I began looking for props for the day I ran upon these pillows. My aunt gave me 4 and they were free. I liked them and used them but they needed to be updated......

Here comes the trim!!! I love this trim on these pillows! I can't wait to finish them or start them....I guess you actually have to begin a project in order to finish it. Aren't they going to look awesome???

Ahhhh this is the project that started it all!! I had this piece of fabric I picked up at a yard sale (yes I do realize it's! I stockpile fabric and trim if it's cheap and I like it....I'm sure you do to. What do you mean I'm the only one???? And that's why my house is always messy???
Moving on......I really like the combination. I can't wait to start on these. Hopefully I'll have 6 custom pillows for the grand total.....are you ready?

4 blue
2 brown fuzzy pillows.....$1.00
Piece of fabric from a yard sale.......$1.00
Bargain trim........$11.42 plus tax
Around $14.00 for 6 pillows!!
Now, I read a blog earlier and I don't remember which one. She said she was piling up projects for winter.....I'll stick with that! It sounds good! If and when I finish you'll be the first to know!!


  1. Meant to be!! Love the updated looks on those pillows. Well, when you finish, of course.

    Crystal, you crack me up. You have so much energy that it jumps out from your blog :)

  2. You are so funny. I love the pillows. Oh and as for the pile, yeah mine is in the basement. I have a corner and a closet filled with fabric waiting for me to do something with it. One of these days.

  3. You certainly made a big difference in these pillows. I do believe there is a white little fellow that likes them just as they were. Always glad to have you drop by.

  4. Wow! My kind of finds (: I love how things just flowed together...isn't it wonderful when it works out like that! Those teal/green pillows with the black trim are SO lovely and what a difference simply changing the trim can make! You've got my wheels spinning thinking of new creations to make (: