Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What A Difference

It's been a while since I have blogged!!! I thought once I was out of school things would slow down.....NOPE!! Now I'm super busy trying to frantically
 clean before the girls are off for the summer!!! I just can't seem to clean while everyone is home! I was so disappointed missing the last two White Wednesday's. I wanted to share a few pics I snapped outside today. I knew a good camera made a HUGE difference but forgot how much!! I decided to splurge on a new camera with my prize money. It's very exciting. I've practiced on people but....thought I would try it out on flowers....

a weed....

 another weed.....

                                 my bike...which is desperate need of it's basket and flowers.....

 my poor building which I would love to convert into a studio....a playhouse.....a retreat.....but for now it's storage from front to to bottom.......(watch out when you open the door....we may never see you again). It needs a small porch, some lattice on the bottom...maybe some shutters......a girl can dream!

                                                One of my favorite flowers.....honeysuckle......

 I love the way it smells......I find myself rolling the windows down in the car when I see it and inhaling as much as I can...... (reminds me of my grandmother's house).

                                            it has to smell wonderful....the butterflies love it!!!!

Well, off to clean....maybe....there are blogs to see.....hmmmm, maybe no one will notice if I do nothing ALL day!!!

Happy White Wednesday!!!!


  1. So happy you were able to get a nice camera. The photos are so pretty! Loving that white bike and you know that I have one too. I found my side baskets at an antique mall and improvised with a white basket on the front although I would like to get a regular bicycle basket someday...when I find one. Happy WW!

  2. I do believe your new camera is working very well. However, the camera has to have someone that knows how to use it. You did a great job. Do not work too hard.

  3. Love the scent of honeysuckle too! How fun to get a brand new camera.

  4. Well your pictures look great! Are you loving your new camera? I'd be dying to convert that cute little shed into a little studio too. *winks* And LOVE the scent of honeysuckle!! I have it growing on the front of my house and it's dreamy to come and go! Vanna