Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maybe The Tag Really Did Mean Dry Clean Only

Sometimes we don't follow rules. It's just a fact of life where crafting and decorating are concerned. If we always followed the rules we would never be different or unique. On the other hand sometimes rules are there for a reason....hmmm,.....imagine that. I found these panels at a bag sale and had to have them. Two huge panels!!! Enough to go across my entire picture window in my living room. I was able to purchase these for $1.00!!! Lined white drapes for a buck!!! Score!!!

The only problem was they were a little dingy. I did check the tag and it said "Dry Clean Only". I wonder why? What could it hurt? They were only a dollar...would it be the end of the world? No. Well, it obviously said it for a reason....look how they've drawn up!!! Yikes!!! (oh my, I did just use the word yikes)
I guess you live and learn. Maybe this will be an opportunity to sew something across the bottom.

I also wanted to share a project I've been working on. This is a cabinet behind my bathroom door. It's been here since I was a little girl. I did add the shelves over top but I'm in desperate need of storage. So I arranged, and rearranged and nothing worked (insert lots of frustration here).

I remembered seeing a set of shelves in a shop belonging to a friend of mine (please excuse the messy background). I decided to buy the shelves for $15.00 and make them work. So, I brought them home, in listed hubby to help (thankfully no vein that day....tee hee hee), cut them off to fit the cabinet exactly, and put them all back together again.

I found this piece at a yard sale for $1.00 which I knew would be the perfect size.

I found and old board and added a couple of other architectural pieces to the ends.

I have crown moulding to add to the top and need to paint everything out. But, girls came home and I had to move all of the furniture back into place for right now.
Total cost for the project....$16.00

 I think I love it!!! I love all of the extra display space.

Now where can I use more shelves?
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  1. Great job on this Crystal. Of course, you know I love the embellishments. Nice colors too.

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  3. With the kindness and help of your hubby, you came up with a nice storage space. Looks good.