Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do You Ever Wonder WHY?

Do you ever begin a project and wonder why? Why did I EVER think this was a good idea?
What was I thinking?
Well, with all of my spare time last week I began this project.
Why? I don't know....boredom? Stupidity?....(that's more like it....ha ha!!!)
Anyway, this is my lovely bathroom floor.....(I do clean the floors but had just moved a cabinet out).
1970's flooring. It's been on the floor since it was built.
 What makes it worse....it's a combination of different floor tiles. The lovely 1970's yellowish with peel and stick brick look tiles!!! Isn't it lovely?
My bright idea was to peel all of the tile up because there are hard wood underneath (I did check).
 So with heat gun in hand I started peeling up tile and this is what I found. Even better than tile.....tar backing from the tile. Impressive huh?
So off to the store for a chemical. I bought a can and brought it home....I actually read directions and followed them (yes, I guess there is a first time for everything). It didn't work!!! I was so upset.
So I used a putty knife to peel things up piece by piece used the gun, melted the tar, listened to the fire alarm go off, and scraped, scraped, and scraped some more.....yuck!!!! It's horrible. After leaving a damp mop on the floor overnight (by mistake) I figured out plain ol water does the trick. Who knew?
 After all this work this small piece of floor is my hope...it's what I've been looking forward to......except....
 After looking at the dark floors I'm not sure the small space can handle a dark floor. I don't like it!!! I want it light and airy to freshen up the space. Uhgggg!!!! Why can't I figure these things out BEFORE I spend a week working on floors.
I guess you live and learn.
I'm off to wet and scrape more floors....hopefully I'll see you soon!!!

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  1. Girl, I wonder why all of the time...like just the other day, when I drug this heavy, solid wood, 5 shelf bookcase to the garage in 97 degree heat to paint, and pert near had a heat stroke!! (really) I thought was gonna need to go the ER. I laid down for like 3 days to recover....No more painting when its that hot!!!! You could always paint those wood floors!!! White of course!!