Friday, June 3, 2011

Victorian Scrapbook

Finally!!! Finally I'm learning how to do lots of things I've always wanted to do. It helps to have the right tools!!!! Funny how you receive a scanner and your world opens up to endless possibilities!!! This is the Victorian scrapbook....yes...again!!! My $5.00 book!! Yeah throw in the goodness of the book with the price!!! It's awesome!

A close up of the front.....she's so pretty!!!!

These are the treasures INSIDE the book!!!!

Is it just me????

                                                                   Or are they great!!!!!!

I love them!!!!

                       Really love them!!!! I have more to share!!!! I see projects in my future!!

Joining Cindy for Show and Tell Friday!!!!!


  1. Hi Crystal,

    I just adore your beautiful Victorian scrapbook! The floral design on the cover is exquisite. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Crystal,
    This is a beautiful victorian scrapbook! You can't beat the price either. awesome find!