Thursday, June 30, 2011

Living Green & Pink

Here are more changes in my living room to prove changing out curtains and accessories can make a HUGE difference.
First, green.

                                                         Lots of greenery and spring colors.

                                                          A cottage feel. Bright and airy.

                                 I love this paint by number my grandmother painted and gave to me.

For look #2......think pink!!
What girl doesn't need a little pink every now and again.

                                       A floral print picture in pinks (purchased at a flea mk. for $15)

                                                        Pink curtains and accessories.
             (Curtains were cheap from yard sale....these are the curtains I turned inside out because the fabric was prettier....sometimes it's better to think outside the box).

                                                                       Pink candles.
                           (candle holders were an after Christmas Wal Mart find.....I painted them white)

                          The small picture and box were recent Hobby Lobby finds....80% off!!!

What a difference!!! It's just amazing how changing curtains and a few accessories can change the look and feel of a room!
I'm sharing more looks much stuff do I actually have?????

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  1. Where oh where do you get all of that energy???
    I like the white curtains from yesterday...but, I like the green ones from this post too!! How will you ever decide????