Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If You Can Finish This Post

Hmm, today's post.....I'll begin with the weekend. NOT GOOD. Coming from a family of mechanics....it's natural to replace things on your own cars. Mine needed the brakes changed (Do things go smooth when hubby works on things?.....NEVER). It's funny though.....when my hubby gets aggravated there is a vein that literally pops out on his forehead. (I would have taken a picture but, Even I am not that brave). The little daughter and I witnessed the "vein" all weekend. Let's just say not too pleasant. 
I did find a yard sale while my mom and myself were one our way to the store (you were right LV...didn't last very long)!!!!! These yard sale finds shouldn't really count because I didn't go "yard saleing" on purpose.....it was an accident.

 I picked up all of these finds on a table after she told me EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE was $.25.

 So, with the $5.00 coupon in hand to take to the store I only really saved $4.25 with my extra purchases!!!
                                                                        Only me!!!!

 On to yard sale finds from 2 weeks ago. I forgot to post these!!!! Monday wasn't any better. BOTH my girls are gone w/grandparents this week!!! Not only that.....husband has had to work extra long hrs. Dream for some.....NOT FOR ME!!!! It has been horrible. I threatened to latch on to my 10yr olds leg and beg her not to go....(although thinking it was a great plan...I didn't)!!!
(By the way entire set of curtains....$.50)

 My family should REALLY know better than to leave me alone for that long. I've not changed major furniture around in the house for going on 2yrs now (due to the fact I was in school and too busy)......but this week......
Not good!!! I moved.....moved furniture again.....moved a third time......gotten aggravated because my vision didn't work out the way I had planned....and refused to move it back.
(Cute bag....came in a bag at a $5.00 bag sale...perfect to take to yard sales)

 So, yes I have furniture in the middle of my living room....a path through the house.....for NOTHING!!! I guess I'm going to go buy a shelf (just so happens I have one in mind already) but, until then....I will leave the path of destruction alone.
(another bag sale find)

 I've been in one of my moods this week. So I'm going to eat and drink my sorrows away.....(No not that!!!!)

A Mountain Dew and finish my Snickers......What Were You Thinking?....tee hee hee
Oh by the way for those of you who actually finished this post....you really are true friends and I love you and thank you for it!!!
If you get bored...I'm here....
All week.....
 Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Girl, I personally would LOVE to be alone sometimes!! Come and spend the week with me at my house!! Lots of good junk here!!

  2. Hi Crystal! You found some great things and I especially love the candlestick and the cute cherub.

  3. Hi Crystal, You found some great bargains. Sorry you've had a tough week. Guys want to fix things and sometimes it can be frustrating. If I can be of any help with your furniture placement, just drop me an email. Are your daughters back home today?
    Enjoy your weekend!
    ~ Julie

  4. You are such an expert in finding great bargains! Sorry that you've had a tough weekend, but think positive and it will go so much smoother. Take care dear heart!

  5. With a "big vein" popped out on you know who, you needed to go garage sale hopping. It is best to leave a situation like that alone.

  6. oo I love the Hawaiian print bag! Hope that vein has calmed down for you now! hehe

  7. Glad to see you're a Mountain Dew Girl-I start every morning with one!!! Love those velvet curtains. I haven't been garage saling in a while-no room to put anything! Great finds though!