Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Update II

I'm so glad I've finished more projects!!! Yay!!! This is a box I picked up at a yard sale for nearly nothing.

                                                It included a bow, a tag, and tissue paper.

 I printed out graphics from The Graphics Fairy cut them out and glued them on with regular white glue.

I really like the way it turned out.

                                                                   So bright and fresh.

 I picked a couple of these up from a friend of mine. I bought one for a $1.00 and she gave me the other.
I thought they had so much potential.

           First a chalkboard. This sticker came from the Dollar Tree, and I added leftover paper.
                                My youngest has claimed this one...thankfully I have a spare!!!

 Next is a Victorian look. This was created from leftover wallpaper border and scrapbook paper.

A welcome sign for an entry way, the front porch.

I think these have so many possibilities. Thankfully they have a slot in the top and I can change colors, styles, and especially for the holidays!
Have a great day!

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