Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Study In White

I wanted to take some of this week and share what changing curtains and a few accessories can do. It takes very little money (thankfully I am a hoarder and created all the looks from this week for free).
                                      Look #1
Here are my white curtains with pink and ruffle trim
(these curtains are actually sheets purchased from Wal-Mart...I just added the floral trim and ruffles).

Lots of cottage elements....floral framed print and plates.
(All purchased from yard sales).


                                                                   More florals and flowers.
                (Everything here besides the lamp were purchases from yard sales or flea markets)

                                               Birds nest was free.....love anything free!!!

Look #2
 Here are solid white curtains. Straight panels....(if you'll remember these are the ones I picked up at the bag sale for $1.00....they look so much better after they were ironed).

 A really quick wall make over. Changing one picture and adding a different kind of plate makes a huge difference. All items here (minus the hook and flowers) were also purchased from yard sales.

 A view from the other side. All of the furniture was purchased second hand. Why pay full price when you can buy used and buy twice as much!!!

 I wanted to add several things on the table, to create a large grouping of objects. The flowers were a gift, the container they are in was purchased from a yard sale. The white piece in the back was a clearance find from Hobby Lobby. The picture frames were purchased new and spray painted white.

 I wanted to simplify this grouping to keep from competing with the other table. The mirror was free from a friend. I did buy the feathers new but they were 50% off on sale.

That's if for today. Tune in tomorrow to see more looks with color!!
I'm joining Kathleen @ Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!!


  1. Hi Crystal, Love what you did with the curtains
    and love those feathers! Lucky you 50% off...they can be so expensive! Your home looks so lovely...all your vignettes are wonderful!
    Happy White Wednesday to you!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful Crystal. Love the "curtains". Beautiful job. I like to think outside the box when it comes to yards of fabric too.

  3. The floral trim on the curtains is a really nice touch.