Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Great News...and The Bad News!!

Well, I'll begin with my GREAT NEWS!!!! I won!!! My hard work paid off and I've won!!! Yay....(insert happy dance here)!!!!! I took an entrepreneur class at school and they gave out three prizes. As luck would have it....there were only three left taking the class!!! I was guaranteed some sort of prize as long as I finished!! I was so worried!! I had to complete a business plan, for an online business. Most valuable lesson...I don't want an online business!!!

I did win first place......

 A refurbished laptop!!!!

And I won.....

$500 in cash!!! New I come!!!! (Now you understand the happy dance)!!!!

The bad news Blogger has been VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I have noticed others' are also having problems. Grrrr!!! Can't sign out...can't leave comments......!!!! Maybe this is a lesson on patience....because I don't seem to have any!!!!


  1. Crystal, congratulations. I hear you about the online business. Everybody keeps telling me to start one, specially since it had been so slow around here. What they failed to understand is how hard it is. My admiration for the ladies that do both. About Blogger, arg...I guess you should not complain when you get for free but I'm not liking all the issues. Lately my attitude is,"ok, let see what today's deal is" not good at all. Hopefully it will get better sometime. Blessings to you, Marta.

  2. That is a wonderful win. You did well and your hard work paid off. That's the way to go.

  3. Congratulations!! Sometimes the most valuable info is figuring out what we DON'T want *winks*
    I've been having hair pulling issues with leaving comments also (and I don't have nuff hair for this crap! Lol!) I finally unchecked the stay signed in box and now it's working fine. Don't know if you've alreadey tried that? Vanna