Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage Prints!

This is a print I picked up in Hillsville, VA last year. They have the biggest flea market I've ever seen. The entire town gears up to have a sale. I'm still a fan of fake flowers even they're in a I loved the matting and framing. It was a ............big $15.00 find for everything you see. I decided I would change the print out if the urge ever hit me. This is my favorite of all time. I found a tent selling prints and most were 2 for $14.00. Not a great deal but I picked up a couple anyway. I walked a few rows further and there was a tent with piles of prints!!! Buried under some other things. I felt like a treasure hunter! I was so upset this one was only $3.00! I had just gotten ripped off! Oh well, you win some and lose some I guess. But how pretty!!! Here is another $3.00 print. Isn't she sweet? I found most of my frames at yard sales and flea markets so the cost is nearly nothing.

As you can see I bought quite a few and wish I had picked up more! The one on the far left is the 2 for $15. Can you tell a $4.50 difference? I know, quit complaining!
These are my lovely vintage prints! Can't wait to find more!!!!


  1. Hi, Crystal, thanks for stopping by to see my bathroom, actually that sounds kind of funny. I love your prints, isn't great that a great bargain at a flea market can make us so happy.

  2. What great finds! I need to go shopping with you!

  3. cute, and even better when they are a frugal find! Keep collecting!

  4. I love flea never know what treasures you might find! Your prints are so pretty!