Monday, April 26, 2010

Turning Shabby

I've known all along what I wanted my living room to look like. I've known for 14yrs believe it or not! I've went through many (and I mean many) different looks. I think I've finally got it!

Finally the picture of my bowl! A print my mom bought me! Probably need something bigger to replace the birdhouse......

Chandelier.....wish I had one in every room just like this one!

Added more to my walls. I like clutter. Fills the space.

I'm getting there. One room down........3 more to go!


  1. Oh sweetie I just love love love this! The chandelier is swoon worthy and I love the color of your wallss! Please tell me did you slipcover your sofa...and oh, yes, I think i will keep the cabinet but it probably needs to be shabbied a pretty pink or white don't ya think?! Hugs,

  2. Your pictures are just lovely. I love everything you did and how you arranged it all. Perfect!


  3. Your doing good!! Keep it up!! Love that bowl!

  4. It all looks so nice, very shabby chic! WOO HOO :D

  5. Congrats on completing a room - I'm trying to do the same! Love the chandelier...I have two that I'm refinishing right now - they will be in a future blog! Thanks for stopping by my site! -diane