Saturday, April 17, 2010


My birthday was this past week and normally six months in advance I know what I'm spending my money on! Not this year, I had no idea what I wanted. I decided I wanted to hit a few yard sales. More bang for my buck! We began really early (which my husband was not happy about) and no luck!!! Can you believe it no sales at all.......really sad. We decided to try the flea market....couldn't hurt. JACKPOT! I found this cute desk! I can't wait to paint it. It began at $25.00 and he took $20.00 for it. Normally more than I pay, but it is a birthday gift. The cat was happy to have something new to look at!

Set of 3 canisters waiting to be painted white......$2.00 for the set. Reindeer.....also waiting to be painted $.75. The cute picture a splurge at $3.00 but it was really cute. Silver tray $.50. Silver butter dish $.50.

Thanks to Kim @Starshine Chic.....Dollar tree finds.... moss covered stones 2pkg. @ $1.00 each. Also the birds $1.00 each.

Still more......the set of 3 boxes for $5.00 yeah they get special paint or paper treatment.....haven't decided yet. And last but not least the glass candy dish.....ready for this one $.50!!! I love getting tons of things for nearly nothing. All this for a grand total of $36.25. Yaaay me!! I'm glad to have projects to keep me busy. Husband still not back to work yet so yard sales have ended unless.......I have one to buy more the following weekend. out the closets soon! Yes I have the attention span of a 2yr! But wish me luck getting something done!


  1. You did great! And love the photo of your cat inspecting the desk!


  2. Wow, You got some Great deals!! Cats have to inspect every thing new!! Happy Birthday!! Mine is the 9th of May. Still waiting on my Birthday cash!! LOL Rhonda

  3. Happy Birthday! You did find some great things. I like the chippy aqua paint on the desk, and it looks sort of cute with all your finds piled on it. I know you have bigger and better plans than that for it though, so I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with it.