Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project In The Works

This is my cabinet in my living room. It was prefab and meant to be a closet. It began life as brown faux wood paper pretty much. I brought it home primed, painted, added shelves on either side, added wall paper border, and trim. Even after all that I'm still not happy. There's just too much going on ALL THE WAY ACROSS. Where space is so limited it's where I store my craft items, pictures, curtains, etc. I found this wonderful crown at a Habitat for Humanity store. I had to call my husband to check measurements (that went over After we figured I could use one piece it was too long to fit in my moms Jeep.

After some debating the people at the store said they could cut it for me..thank you! Great bargain at $6.00 unless it doesn't fit in the car!
This is where it will eventually end up (I hope). I think it will look great, and give me display room on either side. Maybe tone down all the junk...I mean treasures I have up there.

Add this to "the list" of projects. Maybe it will be finished in.........oh the next 6 months!

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