Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Planted Some Seeds....Hoping They Grow!

I bought these seeds at Wal-Mart waiting for the snow to melt! I'm hoping they do well they're very pretty! Here is my soon to be cottage flower bed. I have several things growing already. I can't wait for everything to fill in! I just have to steal .....I mean convince my mom to give me some of her foxgloves.

Wow, all I can say is YUCK!!! I mean the to do list is huge:

Paint the entire house......(which has been on the list for 3yrs now)

Replace the floor

Replace the railings

Paint the blocks or add stone (if your going to dream, dream big)

Replace the light

Paint the furniture

Paint the door (or replace....hmmm)

Fill the holes in the yard.....thanks Carlee

Plant better grass

I think that's all for now, wish me luck!!
PS Hoping to take pics of my matching bowl today!

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