Tuesday, April 6, 2010

$3.oo, $2.00, $2.00.....Good Day!

I stopped at a couple of yard sales yesterday. I had $7.00 waiting to be spent. The first one I stopped at had a ton of baby items (which I certainly don't need). I noticed this basket hanging on a fence post. I asked how much and she said $2.00!!! It's a Longaberger. I came home called my mom and it retails for $39.00!!! At the next yard sale I found this little table. I'm not sure you can tell but it began as a cheese box. Someone put a base on it and I was told they used it as a sewing box!!! Great idea!

Here's a full view of the table! It was $2.00! Great deal (even if it goes in the attic)! I had loaded the car and we were getting ready to pull out and I got back out to ask about the bedspread. I thought how perfect would that be as cushions on my porch! It was $3.00!

Thankfully those were the only two sales I found because I ran out of money!! At least I have another project to work on!!

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