Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 10 Things I Can't Pass Up!

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I made a list of my top 10 things I can't pass up. No matter what , if they're on the down low (dirt cheap) I just can't pass them by.

No. 10.....Sheets. I didn't realize I had a sheet problem until recently. I thought "maybe" I had a white sheet to use as ruffles on curtains. I checked in my closet and had at least 6 white sheets....oops! I didn't mention the pinks and florals. No. 9.....Shower curtains! I decided no more shower curtains......then bought the pink one...teehee. Well, it was on clearance.It's so easy to change the entire look by switching curtains.

No. 8.....Pitchers and teapots. Can't get enough of them. No matter what, if I find one cheap I buy it! They're just so cute.

No. 7.....Books and magazines. I can never have enough. I love them and do look at them often. I find lots of books at a store called Ollies. They get closeouts and have them cheap. The 3 books you see standing up were only $4.99 each. Cheaper than magazines! I have a few of those I can't live without.
No. 6.....Lamps. Is it bad to have lamps in all sizes, shapes, and colors? With misc shades to go on them?

No. 5.....Old linens. I can't walk by linens without stopping to check them out. This set I brought home from my grandmothers. No one else wanted them so I took them all! I went to a yard sale last summer and there was an entire basket of linens with a free sign. I did ask and yes the basket and everything inside was free! I took them all!!!

No. 4.....Chairs. Why....I don't know. I'm obsessed with chairs. If they're free or cheap, have pretty lines, they're coming home. Do I have room you ask? NO but, that's what outbuildings are for right?

No. 3.....Cherubs. Pictures of them, candy dishes, hanging on the wall, or holding candles, I just can't pass by a cherub.

No. 2.....Old dishes. If I see old dishes I definitely take a look. I've been known to dig through stacks of dishes looking for just the right one. Preferably ones with roses. I would love to collect until I had an entire set. I have them in cabinets, and love them hanging on the wall. Platters are nice too. Oh and let's not forget bowls......


Are you ready for it No. 1????

No. 1.....Chandeliers. All chandeliers!!! I could never have enough. Now that I think about it I have 1 in my bathroom.....sounds a little odd. 2 in my bedroom.....not so bad. 4 in my living room....sounding a little excessive. 2 in my attic....beginning to sound like I have a problem................nah I didn't think so either!!!

Will I be on Hoarders someday? Probably! But, I'll have pretty things to look at!


  1. Crystal! Girl, I'm going shopping with you! LOL, you are good. Love all your Woo Hoo! treasures. I'm in the process of redecorating a guest room since middle daughter finished college and her stuff is gone. I could use, um, the adorable white chair in the photo and let's see....I could go on and on :)

    Thanks for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the fun! Grab and snack and enjoy. Hugs, Marla

  2. You do have some treasures! Have a great week!

  3. Linens and dishes... sounds like a great match! Love the chandeliers too!

  4. I have a chair fedish too...and stools! Can't get enough!

    All of your treasures are wonderful! You must be a blast to shop with!


  5. This just made me laugh out loud. My biggest downfall is books. I have dreams where they all fall out of the bookcases and bury me. And they could :) Kathy (oh, and no, you cannot have too many chandeliers)

  6. Oh My Gosh! You ARE my clone!! LOL!! Rhonda

  7. I relate to all of it. Never can have too much of a good thing. All except the cherubs, that would be my mom's dept. Everything else, love, love, love.

  8. Crystal I knew I liked you, mmm at least 5 on that list are my favorites. Thanks for sharing your whites. Oh and the chandelier in the bathroom, yeah that is a dream, I just haven't found the right one or told my husband yet. Have a wonderful weekend.