Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bath Pics

This is it! Yes the only bathroom in our entire house! Is it difficult.......yes! Never a quiet moment to yourself... even in here. I changed everything a few months ago after buying a black shower curtain. All the other things just fell into place.

This is a set of prints I bought off of a dear friend, Lena. She has a small junk shop close by. My Dollar Store bottles.

Monogrammed towel. I found these at a Gabriel Brothers Store for $1.49 each. Yay!

Behind my bathroom door. We have no closet, storage is a must.

I have a new mirror in storage to replace this one but I'm waiting to remodel first.

My $10 shower curtain that started it all (as you can tell not a fan of ironing)!

Hope you liked it.....I took it all down and started all over again!

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  1. I spied a chandelier too. Thanks for the comment, I was kind of amazed at how good it turned out too, I think it is the ruffle.