Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wal-Mart? Yep, Wal-Mart

I went to Wal-Mart and racked up! I found these scrap booking letters. I'm thinking I can punch them out use them as stencils and reuse! Not bad for $4.50. Plate hangers for 75 cents each. Rub-ons for $1.00. Trim for $3.00. Not bad. I had been wanting glitter for a project and of all places found this at Dollar Tree (that's why there are 5).
Cute tags Dollar Tree.

I love these stickers. The black one is a chalkboard sticker....how cool!

I have such a warped sense of humor!! I laugh (almost out loud) every time I'm in Dollar Tree and someone says "This doesn't have a price.....how much is it?" People....... really?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello My Name Is Crystal And I'm An Addict

Well, I've came to the conclusion I have a serious problem..............I'm a Hobby Lobby Addict! Yes I've said it out loud. I can't help it! This makes my 3rd trip there and I came home with yes....more goodies! My best friend and I have said we're having an affair with him (Hobby Lobby)! That's what we think about, talk about, and can't wait to go see him every chance we get. What's sad is my husband took me to go see him.....tee hee!! Well, enough about that. I'll just get to the good part....
I love this decorative plate $8.00 and the matching bowl for $6.00. I was standing in the checkout and said yes, I think I need it!!! I left hubby holding the buggy and made a mad dash to grab it!! $4.00!
This shelf is amazing. This is the way it's supposed to be hung! Wouldn't it be great draped in fabric over a bed??? Or you can turn it around and leave it freestanding! I really NEEDED it. It's very versatile.

Those are my finds of Hobby Lobby....I do really need to stop going there...ha! Yeah right!

I do have a story to tell. If your not in to long stories I wouldn't suggest going any further...unless you need a good laugh. Me, not thinking it's funny today.....maybe next year, or 10 years from now....NOT today! It's one of those things that could only happen in movies....or to ME!! It's funny because it's true! The girls went to spend a couple of days with my aunt and cousin so, it was just hubby and myself. He was invited to go golfing and my plans were to paint the living room (oh by the way chose a color yay...me!). Well, I get a call from my partner in crime so, paint can wait til tomorrow right? Shopping we go (reminds me of the Flintstones...Wilma and Betty....Charge It)! It's getting late and we're in Wal-Mart. Phone rings and it's hubby. I'm thinking he's just going to tell me he's home....NO! He informs me someone didn't close our front door all the way. We have 2 dogs inside (who stay out while we're gone) and 2 outside dogs. Well, lets just say we had 4 dogs and a cat with the run of the house while we were gone!! To hear him tell it there were piles, and piles of poop. A broken bowl. A broken glass. A ransacked bread bag (no bread). Cat food EVERYWHERE! And what's worse (really what could be worse than landmines of poop) they had chewed the lid off a plastic container I keep the cat litter in (used cat litter). Double the poop!!! Thankfully no pictures. Can you imagine his horror when he walked in? tee hee (glad it wasn't me). He cleaned, he swept, he mopped. The big dog didn't eat the cat (which was my first question). Nor did the cat run out the door (she's been declawed and NEVER been out). She was traumatized I'm sure but fine. I knew I had a lot to look forward to when I came home...sigh. Who wants to come home to that? Took my time at Wal-Mart by this point. While Kathy and I were on our way home (around 10:30 at night) the battery light kept coming on in her truck. Odd. We knew something was wrong but as long as it's still running.......We made it to her house unloaded and she was bringing me home. We pulled off the main road and I noticed the inside lights were getting dim.....UH OH! Headlights.....getting dim.....Not good! We barely pulled up my driveway (I live on a hill). This is bad!! I run in to get hubby. We decide the alternator has bit the dust. So, by now it's 11:00. Hubby has to get up early....and he's a bit perturbed. We had to finish unloading her truck into my Jeep and run her BACK home!! Gas light came on when we got in the Jeep. We took her home and got gas but by this time it's 12:00. Hubby still not happy....wonder why? Well, hope everyone has a great day......hope mine gets better......the lovely aroma of poo does nothing for me early in the morning....wish me luck!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Things!

I don't know why I love baby things but I do. Anything baby related maybe it's memories or just the fact that baby things are so small. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.
This baby blanket is so pretty. It's not really old but not new either. It's just pretty.
Baby spoons old or newer. Shoes...I just can't say enough about baby shoes...real or ceramic. Which reminds me I have an entire box somewhere.....I wonder where?

Cute little hats and dresses.

Dresses with ruffles and gowns.

Aren't baby things wonderful? I just love them!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Problem Solved

Here is the before. I've been happy with it for a while but, needed a change.
Here is a mantle that I bought in Hillsville, Va for $25.00. I was so excited. Hubby carried it to the car and people were asking where he had gotten it. It came from an old farm house in Pennsylvania. I've had it stored in my attic for a few years now...I know.... what was I thinking! It's awesome! I pulled mirrors and chandeliers from my bedroom. My small mirrors and black boxes came from Hobby Lobby. The pottery, picture frames, silver mirror, and shelves were all yard sale finds.

Here's the after. I'm trying to decide whether to paint the mirrors....gold, silver, or cream. I'm liking the layout of things, though.
Carlee decided to pose for the picture.

I still think I need to paint the walls.....any suggestions on colors? I'm thinking nothing too white, or too brown, can't be yellowish. I want warm and creamy....I think! It has to be cheap paint too....I could never pay a lot for paint....it has to be changed too often....lol!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally, Yard Sale Finds

I've been running late ALL week! I just can't seem to get everything finished. But, I am finally posting about my great yard sale finds of the weekend! Mike took me out Saturday morning and it was a bust for miles......sad right? But patience finally paid off! We stopped at a sale and these were some of his prices: lamp shades (set of 2) for 50 cents, box of glass Christmas ornaments in pinks, blues, and creams $1.00! Needless to say I had a "pile" of items at this sale. I also picked these things up: everything pictured, a small wall pocket with roses and an adorable pair of antique ceramic baby shoes (that I forgot to put in the pic) and, hubby got a swivel hunting seat with cooler that was marked $2.00! I asked him to add me up....knowing at these prices it wouldn't be much.....he said oh, how about $6.00 for everything? UH, YEAH! Couldn't get the money out fast enough!
I found these sconces at a consignment shop they were .99 each!

I found this piece at an antique store. They had tons of new decor items. This was in the $10.00 or less section. I don't know why but the price had been around $90. Who really would pay THAT much? Well, because the paint was chipped it was a whopping $5.99! A super bargain because it's about 3 1/2 feet long! I'll be painting it soon. Believe it or not I didn't hang it upside down.....this is the way it was meant to be......I did take the screws out and turn it the other way (just not for this picture) lol!

I bought this urn at Lowe's last week. I ACTUALLY paid full price for this one......I know hard to believe......it hurts to admit it! It was $23.00. Well worth it for the size and shape.
But, for all the money I spent......I made up for it with the $5.00 pedestal it's sitting on! The guy had a price of $7 and I asked if he would take less.....$5....sold!!! Couldn't get to my money fast enough!

I also bought a garbage bag full of plastic candy canes for $1.00. I know I saw someone in blog land who painted theirs pink. I need to see it again......if you have any idea who it was, please let me know.....although, that's a project for fall.....I think!
Good Luck with your sales!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally....An Aha Moment

I wandered around aimlessly half of the day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I couldn't really put my finger on what the problem was. I've searched blog after blog, magazines and books. After complaining to mom she graciously volunteered to come over and play!! Yay! After we talked, we figured out what it was! I need to decide on a style. I love cottage but, I want a little elegance. I don't want too much elegance because I like rusty, and old. So, after an evening spent rearranging...(almost everything) this is what we came up with.
A bowl full of grandma's goodies.

A mix of old and new.

Still loving Hobby Lobby. Isn't this plaque wonderful (minus the glare)?

A mix of colors. Can you believe this pedestal was $5.00 at a yard sale this weekend?

Creativity with the $4.90 towel rack.
I was afraid it was a little much but, I'm liking it now.

Well, I'm liking things .....so far! I'm having issues with the wall over my couch and still have yard sale finds I can't wait to share! I'm also thinking I need to change the wall color....hmmmm if I could only choose a color!!
Please join Kathleen @http://FadedCharm@blogspot.com for White Wednesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hobby Lobby Part 2

Well, I'm finally back from vacation. We had a really great time. I was positive I would have a good time because my husband (bless his heart) took me to Hobby Lobby on our way to the lake. I know....that was pretty great! Did he want to NO! But it made for a great weekend (I had a Hobby Lobby shopping high for the first couple of days)! I actually wanted....no Needed to go back for this towel rack! Isn't it lovely? I wanted it, changed my mind, a friend bought one, then I changed my mind again. It was worth it for $4.90! Since I was already there, didn't hurt to look around.....hehe! I found all this! The most expensive thing here is the box it was $6.00.

And then there were these!! I know the husband's a keeper! Not only did he take me but said the greatest words a girl would ever want to hear....."If you want it get it, you know it won't be here later"! Well, I'll take this one, and one of these, and this one!

I can't wait to show you all of my yard sale finds!! They were pretty awesome too!
Where will I put it all?
Who cares it was all dirt cheap! Can't get deals like that yard sales!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Christmas.....In June???

I'm going to tease just a bit. I'm off for a few days so, I thought I'd share a couple of different things.
First, I found these pictures at Roses a few days ago. Aren't they wonderful?? I love them! Especially at $5.00 each! Who could pass that up? It just so happened I couldn't because they matched a shower curtain I already had!! I picked up the crown at Hobby Lobby for nearly nothing and the towels....that's a different story. The originals were brown with the trim. I didn't want brown so......I ripped the trim off and had to sew it on the white. Not a fun project but worthwhile.
I'm thinking I need at least 3 more bathrooms to put all this great stuff in!! Or, I'll start changing EVERYTHING in the bathroom once a week!

On to Christmas......what's a girl to do? Do you really WANT to Christmas shop in the middle of summer? Probably not but, there are no sales (yard sales) in the middle of winter. So the dilemma begins. Either you don't have anything new (you NEVER pay retail) or you wait for clearance AFTER Christmas. Well, that brings me to my newest finds. I like having new things before.....

I found my runner sled I used as a kid under the house. I dug it out cleaned it up and now, it will be used somewhere for the holidays.

I found this Santa at Goodwill. It's pretty big and $3.00. Did I want to pay $3.00....no. It is my color....pink!

This was my find of that day!! I fell in love with it.....have you noticed I LOVE a lot of things? She was way in the back of a shelf. I dug her out to find she was only $1.00! She has a vintage feel to her. She sparkles!! Things got even better when I made it to the register she was 1/2 off!!! Still not believing this little darling was only 50 cents!

Well, I'm off for the weekend. Hoping I have a good time (thinking I would rather be at Hobby Lobby...lol). I hope you have a great weekend and looking forward to catching up on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hobby Lobby Jackpot!!

I've been stopping in at Hobby Lobby once a week waiting for more mark downs! Cha Ching!!! Jackpot yesterday! The big 80% off!! I would sing (but I'll spare you that, you'd never come back)!! The cheapest things I bought were these for 80 cents. I bought things for my bedroom.
These for my kitchen.

These for my bathroom.

I put myself on a budget....don't spend any more than $5 on any one thing. I did better the most expensive thing I bought was $4.00!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Just thought I would give you a sneak peek at a project in the works (and when I say in the works I mean in the next year...ha ha). I decided to put peel and stick tile in my bathroom. Yes I know what you're thinking "what is she thinking???". It's OK I have my reasons.

#1. I already have ceramic tile and to install it, I have to have backer board or cement board which will add around 1/2 inch. The tile itself another 1/2 inch. Then you have to add a strip of something between that and hardwood. So there would be a step up in the bathroom.....no thank you.

#2. This really isn't half bad. You would have to touch it in order to tell the difference...come on if you ever get that close to my floor you'll be too engrossed by the dirt to notice it's not real tile.

#3. Super easy to put down....because I installed in the house we built at vocational school (experience is always a plus).

#4. Did you know you can grout between the tiles now? How cool is that?

#5. I got it on clearance at Lowe's. I got 3 boxes (way more than enough) and it was only $46.80. That's only the tile and I still have to get the grout....but c'mon that's super cheap for a bathroom floor!

Now I can save my ceramic for around my shower, or back splash in the kitchen....hmmmm. I spent hours in Hobby Lobby today buying goodies (at 80% off). I'm so tired I can't blog about them today so I'm getting ready for bed. I'm going to rest, relax, and enjoy my new issue of Romantic Country I just got in the mail today!!! Yay!!!
Have a great evening!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm A Proud Mama

I received my cards from Leslie!! I have been sooooo excited! I wanted to share a couple of the things I've done with them. I had the perfect frames for these....aren't they adorable?
I added one to this birdcage......this one is perfect for here!

Doesn't it look better? I understand it's difficult to see through bars.....I hope these are the only bars I ever look through....ha ha!

On to the real story of the day!! My daughter found this shirt at a Gabriel Brother's Store. If your not familiar with the store they have tons of name brands at discount prices. Unfortunately you have to look very closely at what you buy. Lots of things have missing buttons, stains, or sometimes (huge) holes as in this case. Myleigh really liked this shirt. She found a tank for $1.00 and it looked great under the shirt! Go figure! I asked the manager to discount the shirt for the enormous tear and he said $2.00. Not bad for a 2 piece set.

This was our remedy to the problem. Just looked at it a different way! I added a few more tears (after slicing my finger...arrrg)! I think it looks great and it's now her favorite shirt.

I'm so proud! She grabbed a shirt I honestly would have seen NO potential in and now it's her favorite shirt! I may just have a crafter on my hands....yay!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yard Sale Find

I had my hubby stop by a yard sale today. I found a lamp (which I'll show you hopefully tomorrow) and this wall paper border. It was .50 a roll. I bought all three....just in case. Here is a pic of my hat boxes I spray painted white recently.
I purchases 3 for $5.00. I liked them white but they were missing something.
I tried stenciling the no. 5 on one of the boxes (....note to self don't use permanent markers....they run) let's just say it didn't work out exactly as planned.
I stole...or borrowed this idea from my cousin. She's into primitives and covers boxes, Christmas tins (isn't that a great idea) or anything with a nice shape but not so pretty pattern. I actually had my daughter Myleigh cut some of the pieces out. I cut the top strip and bottom strip off the original border.

I also cut the one cherub out to place on the front of one of the boxes. I tried to be creative places pieces vertical and horizontal. I also placed strips around each lid to tie them together.I dipped the border in water, put the glue sides together and waited about 2 minutes. Then I unfolded them and stuck them on. It really was that simple! In all honesty (besides the paint) I only have $5.50 invested in these decorative storage containers!

My New Bike!

I'm joining Cindy @ http://romantichome.blogspot.com/ for Show and Tell Friday

I'll begin with my new lamp. I found this little beauty at a yard sale for $1.50! I'm pretty sure the cord has been replaced. It has a marble bottom and places to hang prisms!! I've had this shade for a while. It was on a different lamp. I had this trim too. I bought it for a different project.....$1.87 for 3 yards. It was just enough to put around 2 shades.

Here's my after!! I love trim...it makes everything look better! I also added prisms...love them!
Not bad for the price!

I borrowed this next idea from Sandi @ http://waysidetreasures-sandi.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much Sandi, my bike is not as pretty as yours but I love her anyway!

We lease land above the road from us to keep our horses on. It has an old house that's falling apart. I've found several treasures there. This bike has been there for years and I've been meaning to bring her home. She's missing half a handle bar but, I convinced my hubby to load it up for me!

I bought cans of white paint several days ago at Wal-Mart for .96 a can.

Here she is!! What a beauty.....for free! I added a basket (one I already had). I'm so excited! The complete makeover was 2 cans of paint!