Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dollar Tree!!!

I saw these prints at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago and couldn't decide .....buy or not to buy!
After the potting bench I really wanted these to finish the look. After getting to Dollar Tree I stood with 3 different choices!! What was I going to do? I loved them all. After contemplating (even longer...kids & hubby waiting in the car) I came back to my first choice.....yep these birds! I ripped them apart..........why do I get enjoyment out of that? Fresh coat of white paint........
did a little distressing...............don't have to be perfect they are outside.............

and here they are! I knew I wanted just a little something more on my shelves! I love clutter!

OK, I promise no more about my potting bench for a least a couple of days. I see it every time I pull up in the driveway and it makes me happy.....I get excited all over again......yes kind of sad it takes so little sometimes!!!! lol


  1. Hi Crystal!!
    You have more bird prints coming, too! ;)
    I think you are entitled to enjoy your newest creation!
    I would smile, too, if I was greeted by this lovely potting bench when I arrived home!
    If that makes us sad--then boohoo! :)
    Your cards just went out today.
    I gave them to my daughter to mail at the Post Office last week--and I found the envelope under the car seat! Ugh.
    The other three letters got mailed, but yours didn't...I personally delivered it to the mail box.
    She was and I am, sorry!
    Anyway, just thought you should know, so you weren't worried about it!
    P.S. The shelves do not look like clutter, they look like JOY!

  2. I love these charming, little bird prints! I'm going to Dollar Tree right after work. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.