Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello My Name Is Crystal And I'm An Addict

Well, I've came to the conclusion I have a serious problem..............I'm a Hobby Lobby Addict! Yes I've said it out loud. I can't help it! This makes my 3rd trip there and I came home with yes....more goodies! My best friend and I have said we're having an affair with him (Hobby Lobby)! That's what we think about, talk about, and can't wait to go see him every chance we get. What's sad is my husband took me to go see him.....tee hee!! Well, enough about that. I'll just get to the good part....
I love this decorative plate $8.00 and the matching bowl for $6.00. I was standing in the checkout and said yes, I think I need it!!! I left hubby holding the buggy and made a mad dash to grab it!! $4.00!
This shelf is amazing. This is the way it's supposed to be hung! Wouldn't it be great draped in fabric over a bed??? Or you can turn it around and leave it freestanding! I really NEEDED it. It's very versatile.

Those are my finds of Hobby Lobby....I do really need to stop going there...ha! Yeah right!

I do have a story to tell. If your not in to long stories I wouldn't suggest going any further...unless you need a good laugh. Me, not thinking it's funny today.....maybe next year, or 10 years from now....NOT today! It's one of those things that could only happen in movies....or to ME!! It's funny because it's true! The girls went to spend a couple of days with my aunt and cousin so, it was just hubby and myself. He was invited to go golfing and my plans were to paint the living room (oh by the way chose a color!). Well, I get a call from my partner in crime so, paint can wait til tomorrow right? Shopping we go (reminds me of the Flintstones...Wilma and Betty....Charge It)! It's getting late and we're in Wal-Mart. Phone rings and it's hubby. I'm thinking he's just going to tell me he's home....NO! He informs me someone didn't close our front door all the way. We have 2 dogs inside (who stay out while we're gone) and 2 outside dogs. Well, lets just say we had 4 dogs and a cat with the run of the house while we were gone!! To hear him tell it there were piles, and piles of poop. A broken bowl. A broken glass. A ransacked bread bag (no bread). Cat food EVERYWHERE! And what's worse (really what could be worse than landmines of poop) they had chewed the lid off a plastic container I keep the cat litter in (used cat litter). Double the poop!!! Thankfully no pictures. Can you imagine his horror when he walked in? tee hee (glad it wasn't me). He cleaned, he swept, he mopped. The big dog didn't eat the cat (which was my first question). Nor did the cat run out the door (she's been declawed and NEVER been out). She was traumatized I'm sure but fine. I knew I had a lot to look forward to when I came home...sigh. Who wants to come home to that? Took my time at Wal-Mart by this point. While Kathy and I were on our way home (around 10:30 at night) the battery light kept coming on in her truck. Odd. We knew something was wrong but as long as it's still running.......We made it to her house unloaded and she was bringing me home. We pulled off the main road and I noticed the inside lights were getting dim.....UH OH! Headlights.....getting dim.....Not good! We barely pulled up my driveway (I live on a hill). This is bad!! I run in to get hubby. We decide the alternator has bit the dust. So, by now it's 11:00. Hubby has to get up early....and he's a bit perturbed. We had to finish unloading her truck into my Jeep and run her BACK home!! Gas light came on when we got in the Jeep. We took her home and got gas but by this time it's 12:00. Hubby still not happy....wonder why? Well, hope everyone has a great day......hope mine gets better......the lovely aroma of poo does nothing for me early in the morning....wish me luck!!!


  1. LOL..Sorry I couldn't help it!! Sounds like one of MY days!! LOL

  2. OH! What a day you had--wow!
    I think I would be SO frustrated!
    But, hey! You got paint, and that really awesome shelf (last picture)! Would you believe that I also picked that shelf up here at our Hobby Lobby. it was $12, so I wasn't ready to plop "that much" down for it, but I am happy to see you got one!
    Have a blessed day!
    Are you and Betty still painting?

  3. What a busy day for sure. Very good hubby you have. I do love the fun treasures you got and it sounds like you had a fun shopping trip.